Bump apacheds-core from 1.5.1 to 2.0.0.AM26
[archiva-redback-core.git] / redback-integrations /
2022-05-05  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-05-05  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.6.2 redback-2.6.2
2022-04-13  Olivier Lamyensure user update has correct permissions
2020-06-13  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-06-13  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.6.1 redback-2.6.1
2020-01-25  Martin StockhammerSwitching to SNAPSHOT version 2.6.1-SNAPSHOT
2017-05-11  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.6 redback-2.6
2017-05-10  Martin StockhammerFixing X-Forwarded-Host header handling
2017-05-08  olivier lamyformatting
2017-05-08  olivier lamyadd some logs
2017-04-27  Martin StockhammerChanging to list based request validation configuration
2017-04-25  olivier lamya bit more details for debug
2017-04-20  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-04-20  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.5 redback-2.5
2017-04-14  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1937] Prevent creation of wrong initial admin
2017-03-11  Martin StockhammerFixing tests for rest services
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerAdding token validation to interceptor feature/header_check
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerAdding log statements
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerAdding validationToken to toString method
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerAdding validation token generator got login
2017-01-30  Martin StockhammerAdding port check for Referer header
2017-01-30  Martin StockhammerImplementing Header verification for REST API calls
2016-09-13  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/10'
2016-09-13  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/9'
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/7'
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/6' #6
2016-09-09  Martin StockhammerAdding parameter references in authorization resource 9/head
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.4 redback-2.4
2016-05-20  olivier lamyfix javadoc error
2015-11-13  Eric Barbonichange style and template to have a kind of enunciate...
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.3 redback-2.3
2015-02-07  Olivier Lamyupgrade javax ws rs dependency
2015-02-06  Olivier Lamyadd @since
2015-02-06  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyformatting
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamymake test logging working
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamycxf upgrade to 3.0.3
2015-01-05  Olivier Lamythis class is abstract
2014-09-10  Olivier Lamyremove taglib declaration file which can cause issue
2014-07-15  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.54
2014-04-01  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.53
2014-03-25  Olivier Lamyuse assertj as fest-assert is not maintained anymore
2014-01-16  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-01-16  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.2
2014-01-08  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.50 tests will run faster
2013-12-16  Olivier Lamydo not use cache when updating user
2013-12-16  Olivier Lamyadd a method to find user without using caching: jdo...
2013-12-15  Olivier Lamycleanup
2013-12-04  Olivier Lamyuse last fest-assert version
2013-12-02  Olivier Lamyfix logging error level
2013-12-02  Olivier Lamyfix logging warn level
2013-12-02  Olivier Lamyfix logging info level
2013-11-28  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1764] #users > edit roles -- please sort repositor...
2013-11-27  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1765] #users > edit -- please sort effective roles
2013-10-31  Olivier Lamyuse last tomcat version
2013-10-31  Olivier Lamyfix osgi metadata
2013-10-31  Olivier Lamyuse last jackson version
2013-05-10  Olivier Lamyuse tomcat 7.0.40
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.1
2013-05-01  Olivier Lamymove LdapConnection to an interface
2013-05-01  Olivier Lamyrename to default to have an interface
2013-04-29  Olivier Lamyadd the bulk update bean
2013-04-29  Olivier Lamyuse a bulk update mode with passing a list of update
2013-04-24  Olivier Lamylog4j 2.0-beta5
2013-04-15  Olivier Lamyas user managers are chain we must check the cause too
2013-03-27  Olivier Lamyremove non used property
2013-03-27  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.39
2013-03-04  Olivier Lamyuse a more traditionnal naming convention with #default
2013-02-27  Olivier Lamya bit of debug to help debug was/Chris issue
2013-02-18  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.37
2013-02-05  Olivier Lamyforce bean name to prevent failure in case multiple...
2013-02-01  Olivier Lamymore unit tests
2013-02-01  Olivier Lamyadd more tests
2013-02-01  Olivier Lamyreally add test !
2013-02-01  Olivier Lamyadd unit test for LdapGroupMappingService
2013-01-30  Olivier Lamyosgi metadatas
2013-01-30  Olivier Lamycleanup interface and add default implementation
2013-01-30  Olivier Lamyuse a better name for the interface
2013-01-30  Olivier Lamyadd new services for ldap mapping via the ui
2013-01-22  Olivier Lamybad idea :-(
2013-01-22  Olivier Lamyguest role is Guest: ldap is case sensitive !
2013-01-21  Olivier Lamyprevent NPE
2013-01-18  Olivier Lamyosgi my love
2013-01-18  Olivier Lamyadd timing here
2013-01-16  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.35
2013-01-15  Olivier Lamyuse userManager#configurable rather than userManager...
2013-01-15  Olivier Lamyuse a rbacManager#default rather than hardcoded impl...
2013-01-08  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1736] map roles to ldap groups
2013-01-04  Olivier Lamyuse a generic name to be able to override it using...
2013-01-03  Olivier Lamysnippet for get rest user service
2013-01-02  Olivier Lamyfix bean naming
2012-12-31  Olivier Lamyavoid toString of String
2012-12-21  Olivier LamyNPE free
2012-12-21  Olivier LamyisLogged return the user
2012-12-18  Olivier Lamyfor security reasons prevent displaying messages such...