no more release drafter for 2.6.x branch
[archiva-redback-core.git] / redback-rbac /
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierSwitching to new ehcache version
2022-01-03  Martin SchreierSwitching to generics for cache implementation
2021-01-17  Martin StockhammerMaking ldapconnection autocloseable
2020-11-29  Martin StockhammerImproving Role service V2
2020-11-26  Martin StockhammerSwitching to role id for userassignment
2020-11-25  Martin StockhammerMoving template instance id method
2020-11-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring of role API and new Role V2 REST service
2020-11-16  Martin StockhammerAdding model information to roles
2020-11-16  Martin StockhammerAdding additional role fields
2020-11-04  Martin StockhammerChanging permission and operation name for redback...
2020-09-09  Martin StockhammerSwitching to least privilege for undefined resources...
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerFix for JDK11 dependencies
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerMoving to jakarta libraries
2020-06-27  Martin StockhammerSwitch to spring 5.2
2019-12-24  Martin StockhammerSetting provided scope for java ee dependencies
2019-12-21  Martin StockhammerCleaning up dependencies for rbac
2019-12-15  Martin StockhammerSet OpenJPA logging to commons
2019-12-14  Martin StockhammerDependency cleanup for jpa
2019-12-12  Martin StockhammerAdapting to component changes. Updating to commons...
2019-11-29  Martin StockhammerMigrating to staging branch for site publish
2019-11-19  Martin StockhammerSwitching to moved component-spring-cache module
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerChanging references after spring-apacheds package renaming
2019-11-16  Martin StockhammerMove usage of spring-registry packages to new coordinates
2019-11-15  Martin StockhammerSwitching from plexus graph to archiva graph component
2019-10-10  Martin StockhammerFixing dependencies for subprojects
2019-10-06  Martin StockhammerSwitching to junit 5 dependencies
2018-12-30  olivier lamyno more bundle as no one use that and this just stuck...
2018-11-11  Martin StockhammerChanges for site git migration
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerChanging some generic interfaces
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerReducing compiler warnings
2017-09-21  Martin StockhammerSwitching redback to java.nio
2017-06-19  olivier lamyfix log
2017-05-26  olivier lamyremove jdo reference
2017-05-24  olivier lamybump version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-05-21  Martin StockhammerCentralizing openjpa log config
2017-05-20  Martin StockhammerChanging openjpa log level
2017-05-19  Martin StockhammerUpdate log levels for JPA
2017-05-19  Martin StockhammerFixing versions in pom.xml
2017-05-19  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1942] Merge branch 'jpa' into master
2017-05-18  olivier lamymerge Jetty 9.4 branch
2017-05-11  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-05-11  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.6 redback-2.6
2017-04-20  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-04-20  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.5 redback-2.5
2016-12-31  olivier lamyget rid of all jdo jpox dependencies
2016-12-31  olivier lamysimplify pom
2016-12-30  Martin StockhammerSet JPA as default and only database backend without_jdo
2016-12-28  Martin StockhammerRemove schema types in annotation
2016-11-19  Martin StockhammerAdd schema changes for compatibility with JDO implement...
2016-11-16  Martin StockhammerFix schema settings
2016-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdd exception handler
2016-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdd jpa config to test spring contexts
2016-10-21  Martin StockhammerFix maven dependencies
2016-10-21  Martin StockhammerAdd transaction annotation and dependencies
2016-10-16  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'master' into jpa
2016-10-09  Martin StockhammerJPA bytecode enhancement
2016-10-04  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'validauth' into jpa
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding spring context for rbac module
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding final flag to jpa implementations
2016-09-30  Martin StockhammerAdding order columns to persistence schema
2016-09-27  Martin StockhammerAdding JPA implementation of users and rbac provider
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/7'
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/6' #6
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.4 redback-2.4
2016-05-20  olivier lamyfix javadoc error
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.3 redback-2.3
2014-04-11  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2014-04-11  Olivier Lamycorrectly clear caches
2014-03-25  Olivier Lamyuse assertj as fest-assert is not maintained anymore
2014-01-16  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-01-16  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.2
2013-12-13  Olivier Lamythe cause can be not found
2013-12-04  Olivier Lamyuse last fest-assert version
2013-12-02  Olivier Lamyfix logging warn level
2013-12-02  Olivier Lamyfix logging info level
2013-11-22  Olivier Lamyupgrade ehcache version
2013-11-08  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2013-06-26  Brett Porterfix Sonar violation
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.1
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamyuse staged released versions
2013-05-01  Olivier Lamymove LdapConnection to an interface
2013-05-01  Olivier Lamyrename to default to have an interface
2013-04-24  Olivier Lamyfix logging
2013-04-24  Olivier Lamyprevent issues when changing role manager implementation
2013-02-21  Olivier Lamycorrectly re initialize model
2013-02-21  Olivier Lamyfix initialise call once application has already been...
2013-02-21  Olivier Lamycached rbac manager is not a final implementation
2013-02-20  Olivier Lamyinitialize method in interface
2013-02-18  Olivier Lamyadd isReadOnly for RbacManager
2013-02-18  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1747] really use last modello snapshot
2013-02-18  Olivier Lamyadd some informations for ui dynamic choose for rbacman...
2013-02-16  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1747] upgrade to last modello.
2013-02-06  Olivier Lamyprevent possible ConcurrentModificationException
2013-01-29  Olivier Lamyfix compilation
2013-01-23  Olivier Lamyremove duplicate code
2013-01-23  Olivier Lamyhonor useDefaultRoleName when searching all roles/group...
2013-01-23  Olivier Lamyadd more caching for ldap roles