no more release drafter for 2.6.x branch
[archiva-redback-core.git] / src /
2019-12-15  Martin StockhammerSet OpenJPA logging to commons
2019-11-30  Martin StockhammerUsing help plugin for config retrieval
2019-11-29  Martin StockhammerMigrating to staging branch for site publish
2018-11-22  Martin StockhammerChanging to https urls and adding docu.
2017-05-28  Martin StockhammerAdditional info
2017-05-24  Martin StockhammerChange workspace cleanup to prebuild step
2017-05-24  Martin StockhammerCI Build script for workspace cleanup
2013-02-23  Olivier Lamyskip generation date for fluido skin
2012-09-04  Olivier Lamyfix svnpubsub site conf
2012-08-22  Olivier Lamyinherits from parent
2012-08-21  Olivier Lamyuse last fluido skin snapshot
2012-07-10  Olivier Lamylast fluido skin
2012-04-13  Olivier Lamyadd ASF link
2012-04-13  Olivier Lamyfix site descriptor
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyfix license headers
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyimport of redback core sources