10 days ago  Olivier Lamyno more release drafter for 2.6.x branch master
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyno more dependabot for 2.6.x branch
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyjdk 11 as minimum
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyfix spring upperbound version
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyjdk11 as default
11 days ago  Olivier Lamy[MRM-2031] Switch to jdk 11
2022-07-25  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound
2022-07-25  Olivier Lamyrat ignore .gitattributes
2022-06-06  dependabot... Bump spring-core from 5.3.19 to 5.3.20
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyexclude com.sun
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamygrhhh ehcache is using some version range
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamydo not use jakarta package
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyuse maven_3.8.5
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyxml bind version
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyadd upperbounds enforcer rule
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamymove version properties in child or it is complicated...
2022-05-31  dependabot... Bump swagger-ui from 3.51.2 to 4.11.1
2022-05-25  dependabot... Bump maven-dependency-plugin from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
2022-05-25  dependabot... Bump exec-maven-plugin from 1.6.0 to 3.0.0
2022-05-20  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
2022-05-03  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0 (#41)
2022-04-24  Olivier Lamyfix upstream projects and reduce size of artifacts...
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamytry this configuration for release-drafter
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix extends
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix extends
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix extends
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix name
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix 2.6.x file
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamywrong file
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamycreate config for 2.6.x branch
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix name
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamytest filtering commit
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyforce release drafter to master
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyuse jetty bom and simplify code (#38)
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyfix release drafter
2022-04-15  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyuse only maven central for dependabot
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyuse only maven central for dependabot
2022-04-10  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 2.5.0 to 3.1.0
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyfix branches
2022-04-10  dependabot... Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyshould run for branch as well
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyfix merge
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyget rid of travis
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamytest gh action
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierFixing RAT excludes
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierAdding .asf.yaml file
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierUpdating assertj version
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierSwitching to new ehcache version
2022-01-04  Martin SchreierRemoving easymock dependency
2022-01-03  Martin SchreierSwitching to generics for cache implementation
2022-01-02  Martin SchreierRenaming package for test classes
2021-12-22  MartinMerge pull request #24 from apache/dependabot/github_ac...
2021-12-21  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 2.3.1 to 2.5.0 24/head
2021-12-15  Olivier Lamysimplify gh action
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'dependabot/github_actions/actions/cache...
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'dependabot/maven/org.freemarker-freemarke...
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'dependabot/maven/org.easymock-easymock...
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'dependabot/maven/org.sonatype.plugins...
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'dependabot/maven/org.apache.maven.plugins...
2021-12-07  Martin StockhammerAdding components as upstream trigger
2021-11-23  dependabot... Bump actions/cache from 2.1.6 to 2.1.7 22/head
2021-11-17  dependabot... Bump freemarker from 2.3.29 to 2.3.31 21/head
2021-11-16  dependabot... Bump easymock from 2.2 to 4.3 20/head
2021-11-15  dependabot... Bump port-allocator-maven-plugin from 1.1 to 1.2 19/head
2021-11-05  dependabot... Bump maven-dependency-plugin from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0 18/head
2021-10-28  Olivier Lamyadd gh actions and dependabot
2021-09-24  Martin StockhammerREST API build changes
2021-05-31  Martin StockhammerCleaning up of spring config
2021-05-30  Martin StockhammerImproving response of permission interceptor
2021-01-19  Martin StockhammerAdding REST V2 guidelines
2021-01-17  Martin StockhammerAdding query search for groups
2021-01-17  Martin StockhammerMaking ldapconnection autocloseable
2021-01-14  Martin StockhammerAdding schema doc
2021-01-09  Martin StockhammerDecreasing output for tests
2021-01-03  Martin StockhammerFixing REST documentation
2021-01-01  Martin StockhammerMoving rest utility classes to components
2021-01-01  Martin StockhammerUsing different OpenAPI features for redback and archiva
2020-12-31  Martin StockhammerMoving GrantType to v2 package
2020-12-28  Martin StockhammerChanging password validation error results
2020-12-26  Martin StockhammerAdding password methods to v2 user service
2020-12-22  Martin StockhammerAdding role method
2020-12-21  Martin StockhammerImproving role user assignment search
2020-12-20  Martin StockhammerUpdating Role REST v2 service
2020-12-01  Martin StockhammerAdding template method for REST v2
2020-11-29  Martin StockhammerUpdating maven version
2020-11-29  Martin StockhammerImproving Role service V2
2020-11-26  Martin StockhammerSwitching to role id for userassignment
2020-11-25  Martin StockhammerAdditional tests for role service v2
2020-11-25  Martin StockhammerMoving template instance id method
2020-11-24  Martin StockhammerAdditional tests for role service
2020-11-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring of role API and new Role V2 REST service
2020-11-17  Martin StockhammerChanging jdk version and distribution for travis-ci
2020-11-16  Martin StockhammerAdding model information to roles
2020-11-16  Martin StockhammerAdding additional role fields
2020-11-12  Martin StockhammerModifying status codes for v2 service errors
2020-11-10  Martin StockhammerFixing return codes for user service v2
2020-11-09  Martin StockhammerSwitching to snake case for v2 REST service attributes
2020-11-08  Martin StockhammerAdding null check for sortFields
2020-11-08  Martin StockhammerModifying user model for v2 REST API