2016-12-30  Martin StockhammerSet JPA as default and only database backend without_jdo
2016-12-28  Martin StockhammerRemove schema types in annotation
2016-12-05  olivier lamyfix duplicate dependency
2016-11-19  Martin StockhammerAdd schema changes for compatibility with JDO implement...
2016-11-16  Martin StockhammerFix schema settings
2016-11-06  Martin StockhammerChange comments
2016-11-04  Martin StockhammerAdd JPA Key Provider
2016-10-25  Martin StockhammerOverride method to activate transaction handling
2016-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdd exception handler
2016-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdd jpa config to test spring contexts
2016-10-21  Martin StockhammerFix maven dependencies
2016-10-21  Martin StockhammerAdd transaction annotation and dependencies
2016-10-19  Martin StockhammerAdding Transaction annotation and fixing tests
2016-10-16  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'master' into jpa
2016-10-16  Martin StockhammerFixing validation error in unit tests
2016-10-16  Martin StockhammerAdding flag for authenticator to avoid autowiring excep...
2016-10-14  Martin StockhammerChanging transaction handling
2016-10-09  Martin StockhammerJPA bytecode enhancement
2016-10-04  Martin StockhammerMerge branch 'validauth' into jpa
2016-10-03  Martin StockhammerAdding flag for authenticator to avoid autowiring excep...
2016-10-03  Ciprian CiubotariuUse NamingManager instead of LdapCtxFactory 11/head
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding version for dependencies
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding spring context for rbac module
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding explicit dependencies for JPA user/rbac implemen...
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerAdding final flag to jpa implementations
2016-10-02  Martin StockhammerFixing path of spring context file
2016-09-30  Martin StockhammerAdding order columns to persistence schema
2016-09-30  Martin StockhammerSetting database schema names from JDO
2016-09-30  Martin StockhammerRemoving datasource from test persistence config
2016-09-28  olivier lamyunused imports
2016-09-27  Martin StockhammerAdding JPA implementation of users and rbac provider
2016-09-14  olivier lamyuse last parent snapshot
2016-09-13  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/10'
2016-09-13  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/9'
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/7'
2016-09-09  olivier lamyMerge branch 'pr/6' #6
2016-09-09  Martin StockhammerFixing bind issue with certain ldap servers, when user... 10/head
2016-09-09  Martin StockhammerAdding parameter references in authorization resource 9/head
2016-09-07  Ciprian CiubotariuBeautify case of default ldap group attribute 7/head
2016-09-06  Ciprian CiubotariuIgnore Netbeans artifacts 6/head
2016-07-20  olivier lamychange target back to 1.6
2016-07-20  olivier lamy[MRM-1827] Redback core fail with jdk 1.7 (compiler...
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-05-20  olivier lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.4 redback-2.4
2016-05-20  olivier lamyfix javadoc error
2016-05-20  olivier lamyuse staged released parent pom
2015-11-13  Eric Barbonichange style and template to have a kind of enunciate...
2015-10-23  Mat JaggardFixed issue with syntax for filter 5/head
2015-10-23  Mat JaggardAllowing filtering of LDAP groups
2015-09-25  Olivier Lamydisable travis build with 1.8 as does not work
2015-09-25  Olivier Lamylast parent with bundle plugin last version
2015-09-25  Olivier Lamyrat ignore travis file
2015-09-25  Olivier Lamyadd travis file
2015-09-08  Olivier Lamyslf4j upgrade
2015-09-08  Olivier Lamyupgrade spring version
2015-05-28  Sascha VogtFix for MRM-1873 which broke AD group assignments 4/head
2015-05-24  Olivier Lamylast spring 4.1.6
2015-05-24  Olivier Lamylog4j2 2.3
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-02-22  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-2.3 redback-2.3
2015-02-19  Olivier Lamyuse staged release
2015-02-13  Olivier Lamyfix MRM-1873
2015-02-13  Olivier Lamyplugin version inherited from parent(
2015-02-12  Chris HeyneEscape user DN used to build group filter. Fixes MRM... 3/head
2015-02-12  Olivier Lamyplugin version inherited from parent(
2015-02-07  Olivier Lamyupgrade javax ws rs dependency
2015-02-06  Olivier Lamyadd @since
2015-02-06  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyformatting
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamymake test logging working
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2015-02-05  Olivier Lamycxf upgrade to 3.0.3
2015-02-04  Eric BarboniUse spring 4.1.4.RELEASE
2015-01-05  Olivier Lamythis class is abstract
2014-12-23  Olivier Lamytest with depending on last spring registry version
2014-12-10  Olivier Lamyuse last parent
2014-11-19  Olivier Lamyspring 4.1.2
2014-10-30  Olivier Lamyspring 4.1.1
2014-10-29  Olivier Lamylog4j 2.1
2014-10-15  Olivier Lamyfix target java version for modernizer plugin
2014-10-15  Olivier Lamyadd a modernizer maven plugin build profile and fix...
2014-10-14  Olivier Lamyformat code
2014-10-07  Jeroen HoekWork with users defined in LDAP posixGroups. 1/head
2014-09-10  Olivier Lamyremove taglib declaration file which can cause issue
2014-09-10  Olivier Lamyuse released parent and last spring version
2014-08-25  Olivier Lamylog4j 2.0.2
2014-08-07  Olivier Lamylog4j 2.0.1
2014-07-23  Olivier Lamylast parent
2014-07-21  Olivier Lamyuse last cxf 2.6.x version
2014-07-17  Olivier Lamylog4j2 2.0
2014-07-15  Olivier Lamytomcat 7.0.54
2014-07-14  Olivier Lamyspring 4.0.6
2014-06-26  Olivier Lamylog4j rc2
2014-06-20  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1486] ldap.config.mapper.attribute.user.filter...
2014-06-20  Olivier Lamycleanup
2014-05-23  Olivier Lamyspring 4.0.5
2014-04-30  Olivier Lamyslf4j 1.7.7
2014-04-24  Olivier Lamyadd .gitattributes file
2014-04-23  Olivier Lamyadd this as not anymore inherited from parent