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last changeThu, 8 Nov 2018 18:52:54 +0000 (19:52 +0100)
2018-11-08  Martin StockhammerAvoid error messages for site and jdk 8 with doclint... master
2018-10-31  Martin StockhammerFixing maven settings reference for ci
2018-10-31  Martin StockhammerAllowing reuse of server in rest tests to speedup test...
2018-05-18  Martin StockhammerFixed checkout
2018-05-18  Martin StockhammerAdding scm checkout for JDK builds
2018-05-18  Martin StockhammerBuild with JDK9 and JDK10
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerCleanup of build file
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerChanging mvn call
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerFixing jxr config
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerJenkinsfile for multibranch pipeline
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerReducing other compiler warnings and changing generics...
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerReducing compiler warnings and modifying generic interfaces
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerChanging some generic interfaces
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerReducing compiler warnings
2018-04-05  Martin StockhammerUpdating deprecated API usage
2018-04-05  Martin StockhammerFixing enunciate template version
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