spring 5.3.20
[archiva.git] / .gitignore
2017-06-21  olivier lamydo not ignore .indexer so we can find the reason of...
2017-06-05  Martin StockhammerAdding intellij ignore pattern
2016-03-01  olivier lamyenforce version in archetype
2015-10-25  Olivier LamyMerge remote-tracking branch 'ecki/topic-sonar-deadstor...
2015-10-13  Bernd Eckenfelsgitignore: remove trailing blank, actually ignores...
2015-02-03  Eric Barboniignore netbeans ide file
2014-10-02  Eric Barboniignore netbeans ide file
2014-07-02  Brett Porterremove archiva-1.3.x excludes
2014-04-25  Olivier Lamymore .gitignore content
2014-02-19  Olivier Lamy.gitignore for 1.3.x files
2013-12-15  Olivier Lamy.gitignore += .site-content
2013-06-01  skygomerging ctd
2013-05-23  Olivier Lamycleanup .gitignore
2013-01-05  Olivier Lamyno more need of archiva-applet
2012-12-27  Olivier Lamyothers fix due to module rename
2012-01-23  Olivier Lamyignore .idea too
2011-12-09  Olivier Lamymake archiva-webapp-js/ started with tomcat:run
2011-11-21  Olivier Lamyremove use of apt plugin as fail on windauze
2011-11-04  Olivier Lamyuse derby only in memory for testing
2011-10-27  Olivier Lamyuse apt plugin from myfaces to generate taglib file
2011-10-17  Olivier Lamyignore .extract
2011-09-13  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1504] Add a new module for repository administrati...
2011-08-24  Brett Porterignore IDEA files too
2011-08-23  Olivier Lamyget rid of created ${plexus.home} with derby database...
2011-06-15  Olivier Lamyignore cargo directory in .gitignore
2011-06-13  Olivier Lamyupdate .gitignore
2011-06-11  Olivier Lamyupgrade sitemesh struts plugin now tomcat:run works
2011-06-11  Olivier Lamymore in .gitignore
2011-06-04  Olivier Lamyfix some test spring setup for archiva-webdav
2011-06-01  Olivier Lamyremove plexus-spring fix archiva-xmlrpc-security
2011-05-10  Olivier Lamyadd a simple .gitignore