fix upperbound
[archiva.git] / pom.xml
7 days ago  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound master
7 days ago  PJ FanningMRM-2051: Remove dom4j (#112)
7 days ago  Olivier Lamybump spring 5.3.22
7 days ago  Olivier Lamy[MRM-2031] Switch to jdk 11
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyfix upper bound
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyrat ignore .gitattributes
2022-06-06  Olivier Lamyspring 5.3.20
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound and jdk 11 build
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamybecause ehcache use some range version...
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyxml bind version upgrade
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyadd upperbounds enforcer rule
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamymove version properties in child or it is complicated...
2022-06-02  PJ FanningMRM-2051: upgrade dom4j due to cves (#106)
2022-05-31  PJ Fanning[MRM-2047] upgrade netty due to CVEs (#102)
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyuse jetty bom to manage Jetty dependencies (#81)
2022-04-17  Olivier Lamyuse testcontainers to run cassandra tests (#79)
2022-04-11  Olivier Lamyadd gh action, dependabot and release-drafter and get...
2022-02-13  Martin SchreierImproving event API
2022-01-09  Martin SchreierSplitting configuration module. Adding mapper interface.
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierFixing RAT excludes
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierUpdating assertj version
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierRemoving joda-time dependency
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierSwitching to new ehcache version
2022-01-04  Martin SchreierUnifying mocks to mockito
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerRemoving lucene packages as they are shadowed in depend...
2021-12-05  Martin StockhammerIncreasing cron-utils version. Security fix.
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerDependency changes and vulnerability check
2021-08-28  Martin StockhammerChanging cassandra version and using datastax driver
2021-07-11  Martin StockhammerChanging mockito dependency
2021-05-24  Martin StockhammerIncreasing some dependency versions
2021-05-23  Martin StockhammerIncreasing maven version to address security alert
2021-01-02  Martin StockhammerAdding V2 REST services
2020-12-14  Martin StockhammerFixing dependency problem with jackson
2020-12-07  Martin StockhammerUpdating dependency versions
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerMoving to jakarta libraries
2020-07-01  Martin StockhammerFix for guava lib version
2020-07-01  Martin StockhammerUpdating dependency with owasp check
2020-06-30  Martin StockhammerAdapting to changes in parent pom and redback
2020-06-30  Martin StockhammerAdapting to new cxf version. Using result objects inste...
2020-06-28  Martin StockhammerFix for JDK 11
2020-06-28  Martin StockhammerAdding comments to pom files for documentation
2020-06-27  Martin StockhammerUsing shaded lucene dependency for jcr oak
2020-06-27  Martin StockhammerConsolidating version properties of poms
2020-06-26  Martin StockhammerCleanup of central dependency declarations
2020-06-25  Martin StockhammerDependency cleanup web-common
2020-06-22  Martin StockhammerDependency cleanup rest-services
2020-06-22  Martin StockhammerDependency cleanup of rest-api
2020-06-20  Martin StockhammerDependency cleanup of metadata-store-jcr
2020-06-19  Martin StockhammerDeactivating sisu bridge
2020-06-18  Martin StockhammerRemoving sisu bridge from maven projects
2020-06-05  Martin StockhammerUpdating dependencies
2020-02-06  Martin StockhammerAdding compile dependencies to maven-repository
2020-02-05  Martin StockhammerRemoving archiva-converter module
2020-02-02  Martin StockhammerRemoving comments and moving versions to dep management...
2020-02-02  Martin StockhammerCleanup of maven-admin dependencies
2020-02-01  Martin StockhammerCleanup of dependencies
2020-01-30  Martin StockhammerAdding status file for dependency cleanup
2020-01-29  Martin StockhammerSwitching to new xmlunit version
2020-01-27  Martin StockhammerIncreasing easymock version
2020-01-27  Martin StockhammerMoving easymock dependencies into modules
2020-01-26  Martin StockhammerDependency update
2020-01-26  Martin StockhammerRearranging javax dependencies
2020-01-26  Martin StockhammerSwitching to servlet version 4
2020-01-12  Martin StockhammerSetting jackson version
2019-12-25  Martin StockhammerAdapting to redback dependency changes.
2019-12-25  Martin StockhammerFix for JDK11 dependencies
2019-12-25  Martin StockhammerAdapting to dependency changes of redback
2019-12-12  Martin StockhammerAdapting to component registry changes. Updating to...
2019-11-24  Martin StockhammerChanging dependencies to new spring-quartz component
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerChanging eferences to moved spring-taskqueue component
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerRemoving spring-util dependency
2019-11-19  Martin StockhammerSwitching to moved component-spring-cache module
2019-11-17  MartinMerge pull request #51 from joestr/patch-1
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerApplying references after package change of components...
2019-10-13  Martin StockhammerMoving license plugin to profile
2019-10-09  Martin StockhammerRemoving dependency on ComponentContainer (spring-utils)
2019-10-07  Martin StockhammerUsing variables for dependency versions
2019-10-05  Martin StockhammerRemoving velocity dependency
2019-10-05  Martin StockhammerSwitching to new rome version for rss
2019-10-05  Martin StockhammerChanging jboss-logging version (new version uses apache...
2019-10-04  Martin StockhammerRenaming packages to make them distinct over modules
2019-10-03  Martin StockhammerChanging assertj version
2019-10-03  Martin StockhammerRemoving junit 4 dependencies
2019-10-03  Martin StockhammerMigration to junit 5
2019-09-28  Martin StockhammerRemoving xalan dependencies
2019-09-28  Martin StockhammerRemoving xerces dependencies
2019-09-28  Martin StockhammerMigrating xml tools to standard API
2019-09-03  Martin StockhammerModifying NetworkProxy class. Adding tests.
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerRemoving felix dependency
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerChanging version of wagon and maven-converter
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerRemoving sonatype aether dependency
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerUpdating apache commons library versions
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerSwitching commons collections version
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerExcluding guice dependency from maven-indexer
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerExclude aopalliance dependency
2019-09-02  Martin StockhammerCleanup of maven dependency (maven-compat)
2019-09-01  Martin StockhammerFixing archiva-converter dependency
2019-09-01  Martin StockhammerReplacing jsr250 dependency by javax.annotations
2019-09-01  Martin StockhammerRemoving maven-artifact-manager dependency