2022-08-06  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound master
2022-08-06  dependabot[bot]Bump actions/setup-java from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 (#121)
2022-08-06  PJ FanningMRM-2051: Remove dom4j (#112)
2022-08-06  Olivier Lamyno more dependabot for branch 2.x
2022-08-06  Olivier Lamybump spring 5.3.22
2022-08-06  Olivier Lamy[MRM-2031] Switch to jdk 11
2022-08-03  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound
2022-08-03  Olivier Lamyfix upper bound
2022-08-03  Olivier Lamyrat ignore .gitattributes
2022-06-06  Olivier Lamyspring 5.3.20
2022-06-06  Olivier Lamynot needed anymore
2022-06-06  Olivier Lamydebug this build failure
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyfix upperbound and jdk 11 build
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamycleanup old comments
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamybecause ehcache use some range version...
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyuse maven_3.8.5
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyxml bind version upgrade
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamyadd upperbounds enforcer rule
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamymove version properties in child or it is complicated...
2022-06-02  PJ FanningMRM-2051: upgrade dom4j due to cves (#106)
2022-06-02  Olivier Lamyfix bad merge
2022-05-31  Olivier Lamyupdate release note for 2.2.8
2022-05-31  PJ Fanning[MRM-2047] upgrade netty due to CVEs (#102)
2022-05-09  dependabot[bot]Bump actions/setup-java from 3.1.1 to 3.3.0 (#87)
2022-05-08  Eric Barbonifix mailing list link on master branch (#89)
2022-05-06  Olivier Lamyremove publish test report
2022-05-06  Eric BarboniUpdate DOAP for 2.2.7 (#88)
2022-04-24  Olivier Lamyno need to backup so much artifacts
2022-04-21  Olivier Lamyadd token for publish test report
2022-04-21  Kaiyao KeFix test order dependency in class `BasicManagedReposit...
2022-04-21  Olivier LamyFix github actions (#83)
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyuse jetty bom to manage Jetty dependencies (#81)
2022-04-17  Olivier Lamyuse testcontainers to run cassandra tests (#79)
2022-04-17  Olivier Lamyfix naming
2022-04-15  Martin SchreierChanging cassandra version
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyindent
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyuse only maven central for dependabot
2022-04-15  Olivier Lamyuse only maven central for maven dependabot update
2022-04-12  dependabot[bot]Bump actions/setup-java from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 (#75)
2022-04-12  dependabot[bot]Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 (#67)
2022-04-11  dependabot[bot]Bump actions/setup-java from 2.3.1 to 3.1.0 (#66)
2022-04-11  Olivier Lamynot forked compilation
2022-04-11  Olivier Lamyfix running ITs
2022-04-11  Olivier Lamyfix syntax (#74)
2022-04-11  Olivier Lamyadd gh action, dependabot and release-drafter and get...
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyadd a Delete action to delete logs older than 30D ...
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamyuse configuration from archiva parent
2022-02-16  Olivier Lamytest
2022-02-16  Olivier Lamytest
2022-02-16  Olivier Lamydependabot for branch archiva-2.x as well
2022-02-16  Olivier LamyCreate dependabot.yml
2022-02-13  Martin SchreierAdding rest events
2022-02-13  Martin SchreierImproving event API
2022-01-13  Martin SchreierUpdating mapper for managed repo
2022-01-11  Martin SchreierRefactoring of repository feature interface
2022-01-11  Martin SchreierChanging mapper interface
2022-01-09  Martin SchreierSplitting configuration module. Adding mapper interface.
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierEnabling github wiki
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierAdding github metadata to .asf.yaml
2022-01-06  Martin Schreier[MRM-2028] Fixing NPE on artifact removal
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierFixing RAT excludes
2022-01-06  Martin SchreierAdding .asf.yaml file
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierUpdating assertj version
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierRemoving joda-time dependency
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierSwitching to new ehcache version
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierChanges for new spring version
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierMoving test classes for consistent package usage
2022-01-04  Martin SchreierUnifying mocks to mockito
2022-01-03  Martin SchreierSwitching to generics for cache implementation
2021-12-25  Martin StockhammerFixing error with bad repository path
2021-12-25  Martin StockhammerPackage refactoring
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring packages for mock classes
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring of package name for archiva-proxy
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerCleanup of package names
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring packages for maven scheduler module
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring packages for maven repository module
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring package names for maven proxy module
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring package names for maven metadata module
2021-12-24  Martin StockhammerPackage refactoring
2021-12-24  Martin Stockhammercode cleanup
2021-12-20  Martin StockhammerAdding additional operations for access control
2021-12-19  Martin StockhammerUpdating permissions for v2 rest service
2021-12-19  Martin StockhammerRefactoring - consolidating package names
2021-12-12  Martin StockhammerRemoving lucene packages as they are shadowed in depend...
2021-12-11  Martin StockhammerSwitching from tasks to target for antrun plugin
2021-12-07  Martin StockhammerAdding components as upstream trigger
2021-12-05  Martin StockhammerIncreasing cron-utils version. Security fix.
2021-08-31  Martin StockhammerMigration to remote repository handler
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerDependency changes and vulnerability check
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerTrying to tune cassandra tests
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerTrying to speed up table truncate
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerChanging timeout parameter for cassandra driver
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerFixing timeout value and adding thread output to maven...
2021-08-29  Martin StockhammerTrying to increase the driver timeout for cassandra
2021-08-28  Martin StockhammerAdding fix for jdk11
2021-08-28  Martin StockhammerChanging cassandra version and using datastax driver
2021-08-09  Martin StockhammerRefactoring repository registry
2021-08-01  Martin StockhammerAdding cleanup for unit test methods
2021-07-31  Martin StockhammerAdding Tests for repository group handler
2021-07-11  Martin StockhammerAdding additional tests