2018-11-07  Martin StockhammerAdding bean for maven repositorysystem management master
2018-11-07  Martin StockhammerSwitching version for indexer-core to remove duplicate...
2018-11-07  Martin StockhammerImproving logging statements
2018-11-07  Martin StockhammerRemoving unneeded dependencies
2018-11-07  Martin StockhammerRefactoring and switching to current maven API
2018-11-04  Martin StockhammerRunning clean before chrome tests
2018-11-03  Martin StockhammerChanging ci pipeline settings
2018-11-01  Martin StockhammerChanging ci build pipeline
2018-11-01  Martin StockhammerSwitching to forked tests in webdav project
2018-10-31  Martin StockhammerRunning rest tests concurrently to reduce build time
2018-10-30  Martin StockhammerImproving tests to make them idempotent.
2018-10-29  Martin StockhammerRemoving eclipse aether
2018-10-29  Martin StockhammerFixing duplicate dependency entry
2018-10-29  Martin StockhammerChanging deps from eclipse.aether to maven-resolver
2018-10-29  Martin StockhammerCleaning ci workspace only if successful to allow inves...
2018-10-28  Martin StockhammerMoving dependency versions to main project
2018-10-28  Martin StockhammerFixing dependencies and adapting to new lib versions
2018-10-26  Martin StockhammerChanging aether dependencies from sonatype to eclipse...
2018-10-26  Martin StockhammerChanging maven version and removing plexus deps
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdding environment variable for user config file
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerFixing output in workspace cleanup
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdding env variable for user config file
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerAdding dependency exclude for asm
2018-10-24  Martin StockhammerChanging maven settings reference for Jenkins build
2018-10-23  Olivier Lamyrestore mavenSettingsConfig
2018-10-20  Martin StockhammerRemoving maven settings file
2018-10-20  Martin StockhammerTrying workspace cleanup
2018-10-20  Martin StockhammerModifying doc for repositories
2018-05-24  Martin StockhammerAnother try to fix the ciserver issue for webtest
2018-05-23  Martin StockhammerAnother try to fix webapp test issues on ciserver
2018-05-21  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix the IncompatibleClassChangeError on ciserver
2018-05-21  Martin StockhammerAdditional cleanup
2018-05-21  Martin StockhammerImproving cleanup
2018-05-21  Martin StockhammerAdding prepare job before running webtest
2018-05-20  Martin StockhammerModifying dependencies to fix webui test failures
2018-05-20  Martin StockhammerChanging cassandra version for better JDK>=9 compatibility
2018-05-20  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix archetype error on ci server
2018-05-19  Martin StockhammerFixing Jenkinsfile syntax
2018-05-19  Martin StockhammerAdding JDK>=9 builds to Jenkinsfile
2018-05-19  Martin StockhammerPreparing for JDK>=9 compatibility
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerCleanup of build file
2018-05-05  Martin StockhammerFixing mail notification
2018-05-05  Martin StockhammerFixing stage step
2018-05-05  Martin StockhammerFixing result check
2018-05-05  Martin StockhammerFixing report handling and trigger from master build
2018-05-05  Martin StockhammerAdding credentials
2018-05-04  Martin StockhammerAdding Jenkinsfile for webui tests
2018-05-04  Martin StockhammerChanging check for fixed builds
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerFixing publisher deactivation syntax
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerFixing syntax
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerFixing build and test configuration
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerRecombining build and deploy phase
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerIncreasing start wait timeout for cassandra
2018-05-02  Martin StockhammerAdapting test config for new url cache path
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerDeactivating regular publishers of maven step
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerSwitching back to old repository dir
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerChanging path for url cache
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix repo dir
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix repo dir
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix repo dir
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerFixing syntax errors
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerFixing syntax errors
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerTrying to switch to declarative pipeline syntax
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerFixing pipeline syntax
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerFixing pipeline syntax
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerReformat of Jenkinsfile and fixing deploy stage.
2018-05-01  Martin StockhammerUpdate for Jenkinsfile
2018-04-18  olivier lamyfix archetype build empty repo
2018-04-18  olivier lamyfix archetype build empty repo
2018-04-18  olivier lamyalign compiler plugin version
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamymvn build with 2 threads
2018-04-18  Olivier LamyUpdate Jenkinsfile
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamyshould fix it
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix this
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamysimplify
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamyreuse variable
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamyfix jdk name
2018-04-18  Olivier Lamyupdate Jenkinsfile
2018-04-16  Martin StockhammerExtracting maven specific scheduler part to single...
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerReducing compiler warnings and adapting to redback...
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerRemoving deprecated marker for comparator
2018-04-08  Martin StockhammerAdaption to generics changes in Redback interfaces
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerMoving references to repositoryRegistry
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerRemoving repositoryAdmin dependency
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerChanging git repo URLs
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerMigrating usage of repositoryAdmin to repositoryRegistry
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerReducing docker image by switching to openjdk slim...
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerReducing docker image size
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerAdding license text
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerAdding fix for older docker version
2018-04-07  Martin StockhammerChanging docker image handling for webtest build
2018-04-06  Martin StockhammerChanging URL for connectivity tests
2018-04-04  olivier lamyooops fix copy/paste
2018-04-04  olivier lamynew git url
2018-04-03  Martin StockhammerAdding additonal output for troubleshooting on ci-server
2018-04-03  Martin StockhammerAdding additional output for docker script
2018-04-02  Martin StockhammerGenerics and cleanup to reduce compiler warnings
2018-04-02  Martin StockhammerAdding generics and reducing compiler warnings
2018-04-01  Martin StockhammerChanging JCR queries to new syntax
2018-04-01  Martin StockhammerTrying to remove compiler warning