2021-07-06  Martin StockhammerChanging maven version for ci-build
2021-01-17  LucaAvoid Jetty's default directory listing settings in...
2020-10-23  Martin StockhammerFixing JDK and maven labels for build
2020-06-16  Martin StockhammerDeactivating enunciate for 2.x branch
2020-06-14  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-06-14  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.2.5 archiva-2.2.5
2020-06-14  Martin StockhammerDeactivating remote connect tests because of SSL incomp...
2020-06-14  Martin StockhammerSwitching to new redback release and adding release...
2020-05-10  Martin StockhammerChanging to new redback version
2020-01-16  Martin StockhammerSwitching to https protocol for
2019-10-03  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-2000] Adding NOTICE file to 2.x branch
2019-04-23  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-04-23  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.2.4 archiva-2.2.4
2019-04-13  Martin StockhammerImproving URL check for organisation info
2019-03-23  Martin StockhammerAdding release notes for new release
2019-03-10  Martin StockhammerFixing MRM-1972: Adding additional encoding for name...
2019-03-02  Martin StockhammerAdding error handling for new validations. Fix web...
2019-03-02  Martin StockhammerAdding additional verifications for upload
2019-03-02  Martin StockhammerFixing web ui tests
2019-02-27  Martin StockhammerAdding parameter checks
2019-02-26  Martin StockhammerAdding additional tests
2019-02-25  Martin StockhammerAdding additional verifications for upload
2019-02-25  Martin StockhammerAdding upload unit tests
2019-02-25  Martin StockhammerAdd url validation for certain fields
2019-02-25  Martin StockhammerAdding config file removal before tests
2018-12-28  Olivier LamycleanWs
2018-12-27  Martin StockhammerReducing number of kept builds on ci server
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerSwitching to JDK 8 for compile and test 38/head
2018-10-25  Martin StockhammerTests for failing ci builds
2018-10-24  Martin StockhammerFixing workspace prepare script
2018-10-24  Martin StockhammerAdding workspace prepare for CI build
2018-10-24  Martin StockhammerChanging central maven config (Jenkins change)
2018-05-13  Martin StockhammerRemoving integration test for Jenkins
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerRemoving selenium tests
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerIncreasing memory
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerRemoving chrome test and fixing steps
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerAdding mavenOpts to Jenkins build
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerJenkinsfile cleanup
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerAdding additional wait for test
2018-05-06  Martin StockhammerAdding Jenkinsfile for pipeline build
2017-11-24  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1966] Fixing error for 0 value of daysOlder entry
2017-08-28  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1958] Merging fix from master tree
2017-08-28  Martin StockhammerReformat code
2017-08-28  Martin StockhammerRemove unused imports
2017-08-28  Martin StockhammerFixing metadata removal. Adding mocks for verification.
2017-08-28  Martin StockhammerChanging some docs for archiva 2.2.3
2017-05-12  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-05-12  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.2.3 archiva-2.2.3
2017-05-12  Martin StockhammerSwitching to released redback version
2017-05-10  Martin StockhammerAdding check path to remote repositories
2017-05-10  olivier lamyavoid null
2017-05-05  Martin StockhammerAdding additional release note info
2017-05-05  Martin StockhammerFixing jdk version
2017-05-03  Martin StockhammerMRM-1933, MRM-1940: Fixing repository check
2017-04-30  Martin StockhammerAdding license for batch file
2017-04-30  Martin StockhammerChange version number for webapptest
2017-04-30  Martin StockhammerAdding powershell script for proc cleanup on CI server
2017-04-28  Martin StockhammerSynchronizing surefire versions
2017-04-28  Martin StockhammerFixing browse service filter handling
2017-04-27  Martin StockhammerGoing back to version 2.2.3
2017-04-27  Martin StockhammerFixing redback runtime configuration of list properties
2017-04-27  Martin StockhammerAdding retry parameter for pom
2017-04-25  olivier lamyslf4j 1.7.25
2017-04-25  olivier lamylast redback snapshot and log4j 2.8.2
2017-04-25  olivier lamyno need of prerequisites section
2017-04-24  olivier lamyexclude Jenkinsfile from rat
2017-04-24  olivier lamyadd a simple Jenkins file
2017-04-21  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-04-21  Martin Stockhammer[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.2.2 archiva-2.2.2
2017-04-21  Martin StockhammerSetting versions for release 2.2.2
2017-04-21  Martin StockhammerAdding release documentation
2017-04-21  Martin StockhammerAdding additional help texts for config properties
2017-04-17  Martin StockhammerAdditional try to fix build problems on ci
2017-04-17  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix build error on ci server
2017-04-16  Martin StockhammerFixing locking tests on windows
2017-04-16  Martin StockhammerAdding additional information for failing tests
2017-04-16  Martin StockhammerChanging webdriver tests to remotewebdriver
2017-04-16  Martin StockhammerAdding docker scripts for ci browser testing
2017-04-15  Martin StockhammerChanging selenium version for web tests
2017-04-14  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1937] Prevent creation of wrong initial admin
2017-04-14  Martin Stockhammer[MRM-1859] Improve handling of invalid artifacts
2017-03-21  Martin StockhammerAdding additional documentation
2017-03-21  Martin StockhammerAdding documentation for snippets
2017-03-19  Martin StockhammerAdding release notes for 2.2.2 and variable for release...
2017-03-18  Martin StockhammerAdding some information about redback configuration...
2017-03-18  Martin StockhammerAdding release notes for 2.2.2
2017-03-10  Martin StockhammerFixing test cases for rest service
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerAdding validation token during login feature/header_check
2017-02-12  Martin StockhammerImplementing method after interface change
2017-01-31  Martin StockhammerAdding Header check to archiva rest services
2017-01-30  Martin StockhammerAdding Referer Header to REST tests
2016-10-27  Martin StockhammerAdd additional checks for file lock tests 29/head
2016-10-27  Martin StockhammerReverting locking modifications
2016-10-27  Martin StockhammerAdditional improvement for file locks
2016-10-26  Martin StockhammerStabilised file lock implementation and tests
2016-10-23  Martin StockhammerAdd additional dependency to fix jenkins build
2016-10-22  Martin StockhammerAnother switch to new plugin version
2016-10-21  Martin StockhammerSwitch to new plugin version to improve jenkins build
2016-10-17  Martin StockhammerFixing wrong checksum files of proxy repositories
2016-10-16  Martin StockhammerAdding isValid() method to authentication classes