2014-03-30  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag archiva-1.3.7
2014-03-30  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.7
2014-03-30  Brett Porterupdate Struts
2014-03-29  Brett Portermove info message into body, and ensure properly escaped
2014-02-22  Brett Porterupdate old legacy path code for new version of Struts
2014-02-22  Brett Porterremove old validation code
2014-02-22  Brett Porterfurther ignores
2014-02-18  Olivier Lamyneed to be ignored too
2014-02-18  Olivier Lamybeing able to start from root
2014-02-18  Olivier Lamyignore .java-version
2014-02-18  Olivier Lamyuse a different repository for the 1.3.x release
2014-02-02  Brett Porterfix tests after struts upgrade
2014-02-02  Brett Porterfix some compile issues from tests
2014-02-02  Brett Porterensure remote repository functions work without DMI
2014-02-02  Brett Porterensure confirm directory overwrite works without DMI
2014-02-02  Brett Porterremove unused tests
2014-02-02  Brett Porterensure repository deletion works without DMI
2014-02-02  Brett Porterrestore token handling for repositoryScanning
2014-02-02  Brett Porterre-add params interceptor
2014-02-01  Brett Porterupdate repository group deletion so cancel works after...
2014-02-01  Brett Porterupdate repository scanning to remove DMI after Struts...
2014-02-01  Brett Porterissues with proxy connectors after Struts upgrade
2014-01-29  skygofix test for windoz os (hope not breaking semantic)
2014-01-28  Brett Porterallow user tests to be re-run
2014-01-27  Maria Odea... added missed out annotation for disabled tests
2014-01-27  Brett Porteraccidental addition in last commit
2014-01-27  Brett Porterupgrade Redback, Struts
2014-01-26  Brett Porterupdate Selenium to fix issue with Firefox on Jenkins...
2014-01-26  Brett Porteradapt Selenium tests to run independently or different...
2014-01-26  Brett Porteradd file to ensure test works
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamytake care of symlink on ci servers
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamyremove empty directory
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamyupgrade some plugins versions, move selenium tests...
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamyupgrade selenium plugin for new firefox versions
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamymore details on the error
2013-09-17  Olivier Lamyconfigure encoding and upgrade javadoc plugin
2013-01-10  Olivier Lamyfix parent version
2013-01-07  Brett Portermove publish to svnpubsub
2013-01-07  Brett Porterupdate release notes
2013-01-07  Brett Porterupdate for release
2013-01-07  Olivier Lamygitignore overlays directory
2013-01-07  Olivier Lamyfaster version of compiler plugin
2013-01-07  Olivier Lamyadd .gitignore
2013-01-07  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-01-07  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.6
2013-01-07  Brett Porter[MRM-1738] defaultStack requires a stronger blacklist...
2011-10-01  Olivier Lamyfix parent version and ignore derby.log
2011-05-17  Maria Odea... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2011-05-17  Maria Odea... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.5
2011-05-17  Maria Odea... update release notes in preparation for release
2011-05-16  Maria Odea... [MRM-1467] added note in standalone installation docs...
2011-05-12  Maria Odea... [MRM-1463] better layout for artifact download box
2011-05-12  Maria Odea... [MRM-1469] used IOUtils.copy(..) for artifact upload...
2011-05-12  Maria Odea... [MRM-1460] upgrade to redback 1.2.8
2011-05-11  Brett Porterrevert the version
2011-05-06  Maria Odea... [MRM-1457] disable dependency tree by default in 1...
2011-05-03  Maria Odea... [MRM-1468] Fix XSS vulnerability in Archiva
2011-04-12  Maria Odea... reverted previous csrf fixes committed in -r1081111
2011-04-12  Maria Odea... revert xss fixes committed in -r1081116
2011-04-12  Maria Odea... cleanup unneeded tags and config for csrf check
2011-04-12  Brett Porteradd missing license header
2011-04-11  Maria Odea... [MRM-1460] added selenium tests for CSRF fixes in affec...
2011-04-10  Maria Odea... temporarily added redback snapshots repo while not...
2011-04-07  Maria Odea... [MRM-1480]/[REDBACK-274] (CVE-2011-1026)
2011-03-14  Maria Odea... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2011-03-14  Maria Odea... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.5
2011-03-14  Maria Odea... update release notes
2011-03-13  Maria Odea... [MRM-1460] configure XSS parameter check interceptor...
2011-03-13  Maria Odea... [MRM-1460]
2011-02-22  Brett Porter[MRM-1248] improve documentation about potential issues...
2011-02-08  Brett Porterupdate site descriptor version
2011-02-08  Brett Porterupdate release notes
2011-02-08  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2011-02-08  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.4
2011-02-01  Brett Porter[MRM-1455] Upgrade to Redback 1.2.6
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.3
2010-12-15  Brett Porterupdate docs for 1.3.3
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[MRM-1445] disable referrer check by default
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[MRM-1421] Archiva repository purge incorrectly purges...
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[MRM-1421] Archiva repository purge incorrectly purges...
2010-12-15  Brett Porterclean up test case
2010-12-15  Brett Portertest that files actually get deleted in repository...
2010-12-15  Brett Porterimprove test stability if there is no clean beforehand
2010-12-15  Brett Porter[MRM-1396] Purge task problem : Not enough parts to...
2010-12-09  Brett Portercorrectly acknowledge September 19
2010-12-09  Brett Porter[MRM-1443] count the repository statistics directly
2010-12-06  Brett Porterfix title, as it is showing amount used, not free
2010-12-06  Brett Porter[MRM-1440] add current time as well, for comparison...
2010-12-06  Brett Porterclarify title
2010-12-06  Brett Porteradd missing closing tag
2010-12-06  Brett Porter[MRM-1442] track time spent in each consumer during...
2010-12-06  Brett Porter[MRM-1441] add repository scanning details to system...
2010-12-06  Brett Porter[MRM-1440] fix typo
2010-12-06  Brett Porter[MRM-1440] add a system status page
2010-12-03  Brett Porter[MRM-1439] improve indexing performance
2010-12-03  Brett Porterfix typo
2010-12-03  Brett Porter[MRM-1097] for deployments/proxied artifacts, create...
2010-11-30  Maria Odea... merge -c 1040400 from 1.3.2 tag
2010-11-26  Brett Porterupgrade GPG plugin and use agent