Bump johnzon.version from 1.2.15 to 1.2.18
[aries-jax-rs-whiteboard.git] / jax-rs.example /
2022-05-05  Raymond Augejpms.exec
2022-05-01  Raymond Augepersist resolution results
2022-04-11  Raymond Augeupdate configadmin 1.9.22 -> 1.9.24, slf4j 1.7.32 ...
2022-04-11  Raymond Augeupdate bnd to 6.2.0
2022-04-10  Raymond Augepersist resulution results
2022-04-10  Raymond Augepersist resolution results
2021-12-11  Raymond Augeadd uptime to the logback pattern
2021-12-11  Raymond Augeadd execution for whiteboard-only run
2021-12-11  Raymond Augefix examples so they run without errors on versions...
2021-11-21  Raymond Augeselect the correct EE for resolution while keeping...
2021-11-17  Raymond Augeupdate resolution results
2021-11-05  Raymond Augeupdate resolutions
2021-11-02  Wouter BornUpgrade CXF to 3.4.5
2021-09-20  Raymond Augepersist resolution results
2021-09-20  Raymond Augepersist resolution results
2021-08-24  Tim Ward[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0...
2021-08-24  Tim Ward[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0... org.apache.aries.jax.rs-2.0.1
2021-07-22  Tim WardMerge pull request #115 from timothyjward/fix/resolve
2021-07-22  Tim WardEnsure that tests find the correct JAXB on Java 8 115/head
2021-07-22  Tim WardMake the JAX-RS whiteboard easily resolvable with minim...
2021-05-02  Raymond Augeupdate resolve
2021-04-18  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0...
2021-04-18  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0... org.apache.aries.jax.rs-2.0.0
2021-04-18  Raymond Augere-resolve
2021-04-18  Carlos Sierra AndrésRevert "[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin...
2021-04-18  Carlos Sierra AndrésRevert "[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin...
2021-04-18  Carlos Sierra AndrésRevert "re-resolve"
2021-04-18  Raymond Augere-resolve
2021-04-17  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0...
2021-04-17  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 2.0...
2021-04-17  Carlos Sierra Andrésre-resolve
2021-04-11  Raymond Augedon't embed component-dsl in every consumer
2021-04-08  Raymond Augeupdate resolutions
2021-02-28  Raymond Augereresolve
2021-01-12  Raymond AugeARIES-2029 finalize unbundling of cxf
2021-01-12  Carlos Sierra AndrésARIES-2029 Instruct HTTPTransportActivator to not creat...
2021-01-12  Carlos Sierra AndrésARIES-2029 Do not bundle CXF
2021-01-10  Raymond Augeremove legacy property
2021-01-10  Raymond Augecentralize osgi.annotation dependency
2021-01-09  Raymond Augemvn versions:set -DnewVersion=2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-01-09  Raymond Augere-resolve
2021-01-09  Raymond Augeeliminate all warnings
2021-01-06  Raymond Auge[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-01-06  Raymond Auge[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.jax.rs-1.1.0
2021-01-06  Raymond Augeprepare next release
2020-12-20  Raymond Augeupdate resolution results
2020-12-04  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #40 from rotty3000/build
2020-12-04  Raymond Augeupdate jdks tested via github actions 40/head
2020-12-03  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #37 from rotty3000/ARIES-2026
2020-12-03  Raymond Auge[ARIES-2026] Update/unify integrations into the main... 37/head
2020-12-03  Raymond Augeupdate gogo dependency
2020-12-03  Raymond Augeadd bnd-run-maven-plugin plugin
2020-10-01  jbonofre[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-10-01  jbonofre[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.jax.rs-1.0.10
2020-08-06  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #31 from rotty3000/executable.jar
2020-08-06  Raymond Augeadd missing example and update the README 31/head
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraRemove non releasable modules
2018-05-14  Carlos SierraAdd filesinstall to example
2018-05-08  Raymond Auge[jaxrs] cleanup unused JSON deps, restructure test...
2018-01-29  Carlos SierraHarmonize capitalization
2017-12-01  Tim WardDependency reduction and better pom isolation
2017-11-29  Raymond Augepoint to the new home of repackaged APIs
2017-11-29  Raymond Augeadd missing dependencies for latest API updates
2017-11-28  Raymond Augedon't install or deploy example or itests, eliminate...
2017-11-28  Raymond Augeupdate to latest CXF and several other build fixes
2017-11-07  Carlos SierraRevert "Upgrade to CXF 3.2.0 to support JAX-RS 2.1...
2017-11-07  Carlos SierraUpgrade to CXF 3.2.0 to support JAX-RS 2.1 spec
2017-08-10  Raymond Augeupdate the resolutions to reflect the fixed API bundle
2017-07-19  Carlos SierraAutomatic bnd updates
2017-07-02  Raymond Augesmall updates
2017-06-30  Raymond AugÃ\83©fix examples, setup the default application page
2017-06-30  Raymond Augébetter logging configration
2017-06-30  Raymond Auge[JAXRS] fix examples
2017-06-19  Carlos SierraAdapt to new specification
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] simplify logging config 3/head 4/head
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] simplify using latest bnd maven plugins
2016-11-29  Carlos SierraFix filter
2016-11-29  Carlos SierraSource formatting
2016-11-28  Christian SchneiderAdding missing license headers and cleaning up poms
2016-11-24  Carlos SierraInitial commit