Bump johnzon.version from 1.2.15 to 1.2.18
[aries-jax-rs-whiteboard.git] / jax-rs.itests / bnd.bnd
2021-07-22  Tim WardMerge pull request #115 from timothyjward/fix/resolve
2021-07-22  Tim WardEnsure that tests find the correct JAXB on Java 8 115/head
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[tidy up] bnd 4.2.0, use bundle annotations where possi... 16/head
2018-08-17  Raymond Augesome cleanup
2018-08-17  Raymond Augeschemagen is not actually needed
2018-05-08  Carlos SierraMissing license headers
2018-05-08  Raymond Auge[jaxrs] cleanup unused JSON deps, restructure test...
2017-12-01  Tim WardDependency reduction and better pom isolation
2017-06-29  Raymond Auge[JAXRS] fix tests
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] simplify using latest bnd maven plugins
2016-11-29  Carlos SierraSource Formatting
2016-11-24  Carlos SierraInitial commit