Bump johnzon.version from 1.2.15 to 1.2.18
[aries-jax-rs-whiteboard.git] / jax-rs.whiteboard / src /
2021-11-28  Wouter BornUse JUnit 5 tests in jax-rs.whiteboard
2021-11-21  Raymond Augeimplement missing method
2021-11-21  Raymond Augecleanup warnings from vscode
2021-10-15  Tim WardMerge pull request #133 from apache/fix/lifecycle
2021-10-14  Tim WardFurther CXF lifecycle workarounds 133/head
2021-07-27  Tim WardMerge pull request #116 from timothyjward/feature/async...
2021-07-27  Tim WardAsync invocation performance improvements 116/head
2021-07-22  Tim WardMerge pull request #115 from timothyjward/fix/resolve
2021-07-22  Tim WardEnsure that tests find the correct JAXB on Java 8 115/head
2021-07-21  Tim WardMerge pull request #114 from timothyjward/fix/cxf-lifecycle
2021-07-21  Tim WardAvoid publishing the JAX-RS whiteboard until CXF has... 114/head
2021-04-11  Raymond Augeremove usage of internal dsl classes
2021-01-12  Raymond AugeARIES-2029 finalize unbundling of cxf
2021-01-12  Carlos Sierra AndrésARIES-2029 Do not bundle CXF
2021-01-09  Raymond Augeeliminate all warnings
2020-12-04  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #40 from rotty3000/build
2020-12-04  Raymond Augeupdate jdks tested via github actions 40/head
2020-09-22  Romain Manni-Bucau[ARIES-2003] ensure @ApplicationPath is always ignored
2020-09-22  Romain Manni-Bucau[ARIES-2002] test for unproxying of getSingletons
2020-09-22  Romain Manni-Bucau[ARIES-2002] ensure proxies are unwrapped for jaxrs...
2020-09-11  Carlos Sierra Andrésmake it more obvious it is one or the other
2020-09-11  Carlos Sierra AndrésFix indentation
2020-09-11  Carlos Sierra Andrésobtain the instance lazily
2020-09-11  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-2001] Dispose the serviceTuple as soon as the...
2020-09-11  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-2001] Refactor to not use ServiceTuple after...
2020-08-05  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1996] Also set runtime delegate when starting...
2020-06-04  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #29 from rotty3000/bnd.and.java15
2020-06-04  Raymond Augefix cxf java 15 detection bug 29/head
2020-05-24  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #23 from rotty3000/sierra/openapi...
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1983] openapi integration 23/head
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1980] Add org.apache.aries.jax.rs.whiteboard...
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1980] make it return OSGi to participate in...
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1980] Move getResourceProvider to Whiteboard
2020-05-24  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #24 from rotty3000/project.cleanup
2020-05-24  Raymond Augesome project cleanup 24/head
2020-04-15  Markus Rathgeb[ARIES-1974] do not replace loopback addresses 21/head
2020-04-05  Raymond Augeremove unused legacy resources
2020-01-27  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1964] Hide /services CXF endpoint by default
2020-01-27  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1931] Remove defaultweb
2019-12-12  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1963] Use concurrent set
2019-12-10  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1962] Generalize
2019-12-10  Carlos Sierra Andrés[ARIES-1962] Proper registration order
2019-11-22  Carlos Sierra AndrésFully initialize ServletContextHelper
2019-11-22  Carlos Sierra AndrésDo not override default HTTP Whiteboard context
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] These are still needed
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] No need to register the registrators in...
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] Track extensions per application
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1927] Change order of checks
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Add support for a ready service for applic...
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Special error handling in the first rewire
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Defer jaxrs registration initialization
2019-05-24  Raymond Augeadd missing uses contraints
2019-05-24  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1916] Fix request lifecycle
2019-05-22  Carlos SierraPrevent class loader leak
2019-05-22  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1914] Store extension resolution state per appli...
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[tidy up] bnd 4.2.0, use bundle annotations where possi... 16/head
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[eclipse] JDT just does not like this method usage...
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1899] Unify configurations
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1893] Fill the serviceDTO
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
2019-02-07  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1888] Use SingletonResourceProvider
2019-01-31  Carlos SierraTest application dependencies against the runtime
2019-01-31  Carlos SierraRearrange code
2019-01-31  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1884] Only register to default application by...
2018-12-16  Raymond Augeproject and whitespace cleanup, eliminate other warning... 14/head
2018-12-13  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #13 from jbonofre/ARIES-1876
2018-12-13  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #12 from jbonofre/ARIES-1875
2018-12-12  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1874] Use "/" as path for default ServletContext...
2018-12-05  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1866] Delegate to JAX-RS ordering
2018-11-27  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1870] Do not use file system dependent classes
2018-11-26  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1868] Properly report if the service is singleton
2018-11-26  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1866] Add comparator opt-in comparator
2018-11-23  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1865] Avoid double unregister
2018-10-22  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1852] Missing null check
2018-10-04  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1842] Handle null returns
2018-10-04  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1843] Check if any service is unregistering
2018-09-21  Carlos SierraDo not register anything until start is called
2018-09-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1827] Add application.base.prefix to whiteboard
2018-09-06  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1825] Obtain registrator earlier
2018-09-04  Tim WardAdd support for OSGi Promises as natively asynchronous... 7/head
2018-08-17  Raymond AugeARIES-1823 Optionally support Service Loader Mediator
2018-08-17  Raymond Augeremove unused constant
2018-08-09  Carlos SierraAvoid concurrent modification exception
2018-07-27  Carlos SierraApply count as the latest effect
2018-07-27  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1821] Use prototype scope
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraProper licenses
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraUse latest CXF version (3.2.5)
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraClose registrator as soon as possible
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraRevert "Use latest CXF version (3.2.5)"
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraRevert "Proper licenses"
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraProper licenses
2018-06-26  Carlos SierraUse latest CXF version (3.2.5)
2018-06-18  Carlos SierraThis block has to be always before the rest
2018-06-11  Carlos SierraKeep a count on dependencies on applications
2018-06-08  Carlos SierraDeduplicate
2018-06-08  Carlos SierraDon't cycle when there is more than one candidate
2018-06-07  Carlos SierraSimplify
2018-06-07  Carlos SierraThis need to be symmetric
2018-06-07  Carlos SierraOnce filter should be applied after application filter