2020-06-29  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2020-06-29  Carlos Sierra... Prepare for next release
2020-06-29  Carlos Sierra... Use latest version
2020-06-04  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #29 from rotty3000/bnd.and.java15
2020-06-04  Raymond Augefix cxf java 15 detection bug 29/head
2020-06-04  Raymond Augeadd exports required for java 15
2020-06-04  Raymond Augetest against Java 15-ea
2020-06-04  Raymond Augeupdate to bnd 5.1.0
2020-05-30  Raymond Augéadd actions badge
2020-05-30  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #28 from rotty3000/github.actions
2020-05-30  Raymond Augeadd Java 11 & 14 28/head
2020-05-30  Raymond Augeprepare to support versions of Java that do not contain...
2020-05-29  Raymond Augeupdate to spifly 1.3.0
2020-05-29  Raymond Augein order to keep diffs clean always keep -runbundles...
2020-05-29  Raymond Augelet Java version be determined at runtime to support...
2020-05-29  Raymond Augemake project name and description more consistent
2020-05-24  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #25 from rotty3000/github.actions
2020-05-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-1871] Wait for messages to arrive 25/head
2020-05-24  Raymond Augegithub actions
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1871] Wait for messages to arrive
2020-05-24  Raymond Augemake sure to use the right version of itests-fragment
2020-05-24  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #23 from rotty3000/sierra/openapi...
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1983] openapi integration 23/head
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1980] Update tests
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1980] Add
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1980] make it return OSGi to participate in...
2020-05-24  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1980] Move getResourceProvider to Whiteboard
2020-05-24  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #24 from rotty3000/project.cleanup
2020-05-24  Raymond Augesome project cleanup 24/head
2020-04-19  Carlos Sierra... Document default.application.base
2020-04-15  Markus Rathgeb[ARIES-1974] do not replace loopback addresses 21/head
2020-04-05  Carlos Sierra... Document that the properties are copied to the register...
2020-04-05  Carlos Sierra... Document application.ready.service.filter
2020-04-05  Carlos Sierra... `servlet.init.` prefix needs to be specified
2020-04-05  Carlos Sierra... Document default
2020-04-05  Raymond Augeremove unused legacy resources
2020-04-05  Raymond Auge[ARIES-1968] use released version
2020-04-05  Christian SchneiderDocument configuration properties (thanks to Ray)
2020-03-23  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF
2020-03-11  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2020-03-11  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2020-03-11  Carlos Sierra... Check in resolver output
2020-03-11  Carlos Sierra... Revert "[ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF"
2020-03-03  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF
2020-01-27  Carlos Sierra... Upgrade to CXF 3.2.12
2020-01-27  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1964] Hide /services CXF endpoint by default
2020-01-27  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1931] Remove defaultweb
2020-01-09  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2020-01-09  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2019-12-12  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1963] Use concurrent set
2019-12-10  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1962] Generalize
2019-12-10  Carlos Sierra... [ARIES-1962] Proper registration order
2019-11-22  Carlos Sierra... Fully initialize ServletContextHelper
2019-11-22  Carlos Sierra... Do not override default HTTP Whiteboard context
2019-10-24  Tim WardAdd tests showing that Aries JAX-RS can break static... 19/head
2019-09-20  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAXRS-Whitebord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.6...
2019-09-20  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAXRS-Whitebord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.6...
2019-09-20  Carlos SierraCommit resolver output
2019-09-20  Carlos SierraUse latest release for component DSL
2019-09-11  Carlos SierraUpdate versions
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] These are still needed
2019-09-11  Carlos SierraUpdate versions
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] Add new test
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] No need to register the registrators in...
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1928] Track extensions per application
2019-09-11  Carlos SierraSource cleanup
2019-09-11  Carlos SierraThis test was wrong
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1927] Change order of checks
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Add support for a ready service for applic...
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Add test for errors in the initial case
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Special error handling in the first rewire
2019-09-11  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1929] Defer jaxrs registration initialization
2019-05-28  Raymond Augebuild badges
2019-05-28  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2019-05-28  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2019-05-24  Tim WardFlatten the CXF and Aries dependencies into the Whitebo...
2019-05-24  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1916] Add test
2019-05-24  Carlos SierraExclude newly detected package
2019-05-24  Raymond Augeadd missing uses contraints
2019-05-24  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1916] Fix request lifecycle
2019-05-22  Carlos SierraAdd test for dependent extensions
2019-05-22  Carlos SierraPrevent class loader leak
2019-05-22  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1914] Store extension resolution state per appli...
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[tidy up] bnd 4.2.0, use bundle annotations where possi... 16/head
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[eclipse] JDT just does not like this method usage...
2019-03-19  Raymond Auge[itest.fragment] use permantent version (just used...
2019-03-19  Raymond Augebnd 4.2.0 and resolution
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1...
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1...
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0...
2019-02-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1899] Unify configurations
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1893] Fill the serviceDTO
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
2019-02-14  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
2019-02-07  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1888] Use SingletonResourceProvider
2019-01-31  Carlos SierraTest application dependencies against the runtime
2019-01-31  Carlos SierraRearrange code
2019-01-31  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-1884] Only register to default application by...
2018-12-21  Carlos Sierra[ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release...