2019-01-03  tmaretDo not return a Postition from send signature in the API 8/head
2019-01-03  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #3 from tmaret/in-memory-implementation
2019-01-02  tmaretCleanup code 3/head
2019-01-02  Christian SchneiderAdd build indicator
2019-01-02  Christian SchneiderAdded license headers
2019-01-02  Christian SchneiderARIES-1878 - In memory implementation
2019-01-02  Christian SchneiderARIES-1879 - Create Received to avoid null Position...
2018-12-31  Christian SchneiderRemove TopicPosition as we do not support partitions
2018-12-31  Christian SchneiderSome ideas for goals and requirements
2018-12-30  Christian SchneiderAdd Readme
2018-12-30  Christian SchneiderAdd initial API