2017-12-19  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #20 from kou/arrow-0.8.0-cpp-linux master
2017-12-19  Kouhei SutouSupport Arrow C++ and Arrow GLib 0.8.0 packages for... 20/head
2017-12-18  Uwe L. KornBuild 0.8.0 wheels (#19)
2017-10-30  Kouhei SutouARROW-1752: Add GPU packages for Debian and Ubuntu...
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #17 from kou/cpp-linux-support-uploa...
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouUse travis_wait again 17/head
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouReduce build time to avoid timeout
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouSupport uploading Ubuntu 17.04 deb
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #16 from kou/cpp-linux-support-ubunt...
2017-10-25  Kouhei SutouSupport Ubuntu 17.10 16/head
2017-10-10  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #14 from kou/cpp-linux-remove-garbag...
2017-10-10  Kouhei SutouRemove garbage C++ package upload configuration 14/head
2017-10-10  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #15 from kou/cpp-linux-travis-clean
2017-10-10  Kouhei SutouRemove needless code for Arrow C++ package build 15/head
2017-10-04  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #13 from mrkn/req-docker
2017-10-04  Kenta MurataRequire Docker instead of Vagrant and VirtualBox 13/head
2017-10-03  Kouhei SutouBuild Arrow C++ and Arrow GLib 0.7.1 (#12)
2017-10-03  Wes McKinneyBuild 0.7.1 wheels
2017-09-25  Kouhei SutouMerge pull request #11 from rvernica/ubuntu-14.04
2017-09-25  Kouhei SutouUpdate descriptor.json by "rake version:update" (#10)
2017-09-25  Rares VernicaUse ubuntu-CODENAME instead of ubuntu-XX.YY 11/head
2017-09-25  Rares VernicaAdd .pc for compute module in debian.ubuntu-14.04
2017-09-23  Rares VernicaAdd Dockerfile for Ubuntu 14.04
2017-09-23  Rares VernicaIntegrate Ubuntu 14.04 build
2017-09-23  Rares VernicaBackward compatible with Ruby 1.9 from Ubuntu 14.04
2017-09-23  Rares VernicaUpdate package files to be compatible with Ubuntu 14.04
2017-09-23  Rares VernicaCopy debian/ to debian.ubuntu-14.04/
2017-09-21  Kouhei SutouAdd .pc for compute module (#9)
2017-09-20  Wes McKinneyUpdate Linux package versions to 0.7.0 (#8)
2017-09-18  Wes McKinneyUpdate Python wheel version to 0.7.0
2017-09-04  Kouhei SutouARROW-1448: Support uploading built .deb and .rpm to...
2017-08-31  Kouhei SutouARROW-1439: Automate updating RPM in RPM build
2017-08-27  Kouhei SutouARROW-1404: Build .deb and .rpm on Travis CI
2017-08-22  Kouhei SutouARROW-1397: [C++] Use Docker instead of Vagrant
2017-08-16  Wes McKinneyUpdate builds for 0.6.0
2017-08-10  Kouhei SutouARROW-592: Add Arrow C++ and GLib DEB and RPM packages...
2017-08-03  Wes McKinneyMust move with sudo
2017-08-03  Wes McKinneyARROW-1270: [Python] Build scripts for creating macOS...
2017-07-29  Wes McKinneyARROW-1269: Windows build scripts for creating pyarrow...
2017-07-25  Wes McKinneyInitial commit