2021-03-10  Jacob QuinnIntroduce new `maxdepth` keyword argument for setting...
2021-03-05  Damien Driximplement Base.IteratorSize for Stream, fixes #141...
2021-02-05  Jarrett Revelsfix accidental invocation of _unsafe_load_tuple (#124) v1.2.4
2021-02-04  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.2.3
2021-02-04  Douglas BatesUse pool length in signed int conversion (#122)
2021-01-31  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.2.2
2021-01-31  Jacob QuinnRework dict encoding of PooledArray/CategoricalArray...
2021-01-30  Jacob QuinnMake compressed writing threadsafe (#118)
2021-01-25  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.2.1
2021-01-25  Jacob QuinnFix copy on DictEncode (#111)
2021-01-23  Jacob QuinnDon't use ChainedVector as DictEncoding data array...
2021-01-19  Jarrett Revelsbump Project.toml to v1.2.0 (#107) v1.2.0
2021-01-12  Jarrett Revelsadd isbitstype optimized path for FixedSizeList getinde...
2021-01-11  Jarrett Revelschange UUID <-> Arrow mapping to (de)serialize to/from...
2021-01-07  Jacob QuinnAdd missing license
2021-01-07  Jacob QuinnAdmin cleanup
2021-01-06  Jacob QuinnAdd BitIntegers compat (#100) v1.1.0
2021-01-05  Jarrett Revelsbump Project.toml to v1.1.0 (#94)
2021-01-05  Jacob QuinnFix copy on DictEncoding arrays with missing values...
2021-01-05  Eric HansonUpdate make.jl (#97)
2021-01-05  Jarrett Revelsconvert Arrow-flavored eltypes to Julia-flavored eltype...
2021-01-05  Eric HansonAdd warning for `Arrow.ArrowTypes.registertype!` (#96)
2020-12-30  Jarrett Revelsadd default UUID <-> UInt128 Arrow type mapping (#89)
2020-12-24  Eric Hansonadd `ArrowTypes.default` methods and tests for dates...
2020-12-16  Jacob QuinnSupport new Decimal256 type (#79)
2020-12-12  Jacob QuinnUpdate README & ci
2020-12-02  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.0.3
2020-12-02  Jacob QuinnFix Union type deserialization (#77)
2020-11-28  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.0.2
2020-11-28  Jacob QuinnFinish support for automatic custom struct deserializat...
2020-11-22  Jacob QuinnReword error message when input file doesn't exist...
2020-11-20  Jacob QuinnAdd custom extension type nullability test
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnBump version v1.0.1
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnCheck field nullability for custom extension types...
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnUpdate Project.toml v1.0.0
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnUpdate
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnAuto-convert DateTime to arrow Timestamp instead of...
2020-11-19  Jacob QuinnAdd validity check for columns with different lengths...
2020-11-18  ExpandingManfixed docs link (#64)
2020-11-16  ExpandingManget documentation going (#62)
2020-11-10  Jacob QuinnCreate TagBot.yml
2020-11-04  Jacob QuinnBump version v0.4.1
2020-11-04  Jacob QuinnSeveral fixes for writing large Arrow tables (#57)
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnAdd TimeZones compat v0.4.0
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnBump version
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnCompute and set our PooledArray ref type manually
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnCheck if input file is valid before reading arrow data
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnEnsure any AbstractString is serialized correctly
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnFix travis docs job
2020-10-28  Jacob QuinnDocs update (#54)
2020-10-26  Jacob QuinnAdd TimeZones dependency for auto-converting Timestamp...
2020-10-23  Jacob QuinnPrevent infinite loop while writing on CategoricalArray...
2020-10-23  Jacob QuinnUse threaded tasks to read record batches in parallel...
2020-10-23  Jacob QuinnPass "ArrowVector" through arrowvector calls (#46)
2020-10-22  Jacob QuinnRefactor nested dict encoding and isdelta dictionary...
2020-10-18  TheCedarPrinceAdded a Note about Large Numbers of Columns (#42)
2020-10-14  Jacob QuinnIntroduce BoolVector for Bool column types (#40)
2020-10-14  Jacob QuinnRearrange code by array type (#39)
2020-10-08  Jacob QuinnSwitch license to apache-2 in preparation for code...
2020-10-06  Jacob QuinnAllow specifying custom alignment for buffer writing...
2020-10-06  Jacob QuinnAllow passing custom lz4 & zstd compressors to Arrow...
2020-10-05  John Myles... Typo fix in README (#33)
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinncompat bounds for codecs v0.3.0
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnFix docs
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnTry to fix travis badge again
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnUpdate travis badge
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnUpdate docs
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnClean up versions
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnMinor cleanup
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnVarious fixes and mechanics to test round-tripping...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnCleanup and actually run integration tests with testing...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnAdd Arrow.Stream struct for iterating record bactches...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnBig refactoring to simplify code and implement more...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnSupport large list type writing (#22)
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnImplement optimized copy for Primitive/DictEncoded...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnSupport custom metadata for schema and columns (#20)
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnImplement json apache arrow testing integration code...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnCheck if column implements DataAPI.refarray for dict...
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnAllow initial support for custom extension types (#11)
2020-10-03  Graham StarkUpdate (#9)
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnGet map working & tested (#8)
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnremove docs for now
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnwork around weird 32-bit bug
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfix ambiguity
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfix 32-bit
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfix 32-bit
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfix for 32-bit
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfix
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinnfixes for compat
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnCompat for tables
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinn1.0 compat
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnFix a few things
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinntake out log
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnAuto-convert TimeTypes to/from arrow time types
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnUpdate readme w/ basic usage
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnUpdate readme w/ basic usage
2020-10-03  Jacob QuinnPure Julia implementation of apache arrow format
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinndelete hidden files
2020-10-03  Jacob Quinndelete old files
2019-10-19  ExpandingManset version and removed REQUIRE release-0.2 v0.2.4