2017-11-09  Till Westmann[NO ISSUE][FAIL] Replace MetadataException by Algebrick...
2017-10-05  Murtadha HubailAdapt to QueryTranslator Changes
2017-09-22  Xikui Wang[NO-ISSUE] Update PrecompiledJobEventListener interface
2017-09-19  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-1973][BAD] Coordinated changes for IStatemen...
2017-08-28  Abdullah AlamoudiUpdate AsterixDB and Hyracks versions
2017-08-22  Till WestmannAdapt to New SQL++ Model
2017-08-15  Abdullah AlamoudiRemove explicit creation of metadata provider config
2017-08-09  Abdullah AlamoudiReplace byte value with enum for active events
2017-07-26  Till WestmannSeparate Predistributed Jobs from other Active Jobs
2017-06-29  Xikui Wang[BAD][RT] EventListener change to accommondate the...
2017-06-03  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2017-05-12  Till WestmannMatch SessionOutput changes from Asterix
2017-05-09  Steven Glenn... Match plan printing changes from Asterix
2017-04-25  Steven Glenn... Update Asterix version numbers
2017-04-21  Steven Glenn... Remove use of static ctx
2017-04-19  Steven Glenn... Move BAD from AQL to SQL++
2017-04-15  Abdullah AlamoudiUpdate Tuple Translator signatures for BAD entities
2017-04-06  Steven Glenn... Comment out test temporarily to make BAD compat build
2017-04-05  Steven Glenn... Added long-term test to verify pre-distributed jobs fix
2017-03-29  Steven Glenn... Add License Headers for Apache Rat
2017-03-16  Steven Glenn... Matched Master Change
2017-03-13  Steven Glenn... Match Master method changes
2017-03-10  Steven Glenn... Fixed to work with AsterixDB changes
2017-03-01  Steven Glenn... Updated BAD to work with recent Asterix changes
2017-02-24  Steven Glenn... Added Procedures to BAD
2017-02-03  Steven Glenn... Updated for Asterix change to remove IStorageComponentP...
2017-01-24  Steven Glenn... Updated Asterix version number
2017-01-19  Xikui WangUpdate gitignore file for BAD project
2017-01-16  Steven Glenn... Fixed exceptions in BAD statements
2017-01-13  Steven Glenn... Fixed POM to match Asterix dependency plugin changes
2017-01-04  Steven Glenn... Match Changes to Asterix insert with return clause
2017-01-02  Steven Glenn... Add order by clause to runtime tests
2016-12-19  Steven Glenn... Increase configuration memory for new Hybrid Hash Join
2016-12-16  Steven Glenn... Updated to Asterix changes
2016-12-14  Steven Glenn... Fixed breakage introduced by Asterix change
2016-12-07  Steven Glenn... Updated to match code changes to asterix
2016-09-14  Steven Glenn... Added testsuite
2016-09-14  Steven Glenn... Initial Commit