Update to Apache AsterixDB JDBC 0.9.8
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2022-06-07  Ian MaxonUpdate to Apache AsterixDB JDBC 0.9.8 asf-site
2022-05-13  Ian MaxonUpdate to Apache AsterixDB 0.9.8 and Hyracks 0.3.8
2022-03-18  Ian MaxonAdd JDBC Drivers to download page
2021-12-13  Ian MaxonUpdate site for release
2021-07-16  Ian MaxonUpdate site for release
2020-12-04  Ian MaxonUpdate site for release
2020-08-08  Ian MaxonUpdate site for release
2019-04-05  Ian MaxonFix download link
2019-03-07  Ian MaxonUpdate site for release
2018-11-03  Ian MaxonAdd SQL++ Tutorial reference
2018-10-06  Ian MaxonAdd 0.9.4
2018-02-09  Ian MaxonSite changes for release
2017-11-22  Ian MaxonWarn about JDK9
2017-08-26  Ian MaxonUpdate site for new release
2017-04-24  Ian MaxonUpdate site to 0.9.1 release
2017-02-15  Till WestmannAdd download links for the server packages.
2017-01-25  Ian Maxonupdate version
2016-10-07  Michael BlowAdd Extension Build Integration Doc
2016-07-29  Till Westmannfix download URLs
2016-07-08  Till Westmannmore graduation changes
2016-07-07  Till Westmannmore Hyracks info and incubation fixes
2016-04-27  Till Westmannfirst graduation update
2016-04-08  Till WestmannASTERIXDB-1391: add link to issue tracker
2016-03-25  Ian MaxonRe-compile content dir
2016-03-14  Till Westmannupdate branding
2016-02-29  Till Westmannbuilt site
2016-02-29  Till Westmannbuilt site
2016-02-26  Till Westmannupdate copyright year and incubator logo
2015-12-10  Ian MaxonAdd guide on how to edit site, various tweaks.
2015-11-25  Ian MaxonInclude stable docs, use Apache URLs
2015-11-13  Ian MaxonActually apply the changes to the content/ folder...
2015-10-23  Ian MaxonFix download link, refresh content/
2015-10-20  Ian MaxonAlter Downloads page
2015-10-17  Ian Maxonadd content folder