Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / .gitignore
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd Source Sans Pro font to project
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinManage Bootstrap with webpack.
2017-08-24  David McLaughlinAdd build and unit test pipeline for new Scheduler...
2017-06-21  Ruben D. PorrasSupport specifying a custom ShiroCredentialsMatcher
2016-04-05  John SiroisAdd pants .cache/ dir to .gitignore.
2016-03-18  Bill FarnerSpeed up Vagrant provisioning by using a custom base...
2016-01-05  John SiroisUpgrade to pants 0.0.66.
2015-12-10  John SiroisRevert "Revert "Replace manual Forwarding* with `@Forwa...
2015-08-25  Zameer ManjiImport of Twitter Commons.
2014-11-25  Kevin SweeneyExtract thrift into an API subproject.
2014-10-30  Kevin SweeneyAdd a script to generate a PyCharm-compatible virtualenv.
2014-10-13  Bill FarnerMove coverage report check to buildSrc/
2014-06-24  Brian WickmanAURORA-480: Fix the end-to-end test
2014-06-04  Suman KarumuriFixed syntax gotcha in .gitignore.
2014-06-02  Brian WickmanAURORA-149: Add python checkstyle hooks.
2014-05-28  Suman KarumuriFixing incorrect .gitignore rule.
2014-04-14  Kevin SweeneyMove gradlew back to project root.
2014-02-04  Kevin SweeneyAURORA-183: Upgrade twitter.common.python to 0.3.0
2014-01-17  Kevin SweeneyScript to create Python sdists.
2013-12-05  Kevin SweeneyDocument ASF review process and tooling.
2013-12-02  Brian WickmanRemove socksipy dependency from http_signaler.
2013-11-20  Kevin SweeneyAdd README, Vagrantfile, docs
2013-11-19  Brian Wickmanpin pants to 0.0.13. check in test resources for gc_ex...
2013-11-19  Brian Wickmanundo .gitignore changes in lieu of kevin's branch.
2013-11-19  Brian WickmanDiffs against new master
2013-11-19  Zameer ManjiPrevent gradle from conflicting with pants.
2013-11-19  Brian Wickmanpants bootstrapper for the aurora repository
2013-11-19  Maxim KhutornenkoIgnoring gradle-app.settings.
2013-11-19  Kevin SweeneyAdd IDEA plugin to gradle
2013-11-19  Bill FarnerAdjust source layout, add build.gradle and .gitignore.