Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / Vagrantfile
2019-11-07  Renan I. Del ValleVagrant box update (#94)
2018-11-13  Renan DelValleUpgrade dev enviornment to Mesos 1.6.1 (#42)
2018-06-16  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.5
2018-05-04  Renan DelValleChanging Vagrant requirements to latest version for...
2018-02-21  Renan DelValleUpgrading Vagrant setup from Ubuntu Trusty to Ubuntu...
2017-11-13  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.4
2017-04-17  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.2.0
2016-12-27  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.1.0.
2016-11-09  Joshua CohenUpdate vagrant to a working basebox.
2016-11-08  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Resolve docker tags to concrete identifiers for DockerC...
2016-10-06  Andrew JorgensenManually configure the private network interface in...
2016-09-29  John SiroisUpgrade to latest pants 1.2.0 pre-release.
2016-08-01  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 1.0.0
2016-06-29  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 0.28.2.
2016-06-20  Stephan ErbEnsure we can verify release candidates in the Vagrant box
2016-05-06  Joshua CohenAdd client and scheduler support for launching tasks...
2016-04-20  Joshua CohenRevert "Revert "Upgrade to Mesos 0.27.2""
2016-04-18  Joshua CohenAdd an explicit box version to Vagrantfile.
2016-03-18  Bill FarnerSpeed up Vagrant provisioning by using a custom base...
2015-01-24  Steve NiemitzAdd support for docker containers to aurora
2014-09-04  Bill FarnerSpecify required vagrant version in Vagrantfile.
2014-09-03  Joe SmithIncrement Mesos version to 0.20.0
2014-05-26  Bill FarnerFixup empty line from license headers.
2014-05-24  Henry SaputraRemove the Apache Copyright rulez for style check.
2014-04-02  Bill FarnerUse a single VM for the dev cluster, manage processes...
2014-02-04  Mark Chu-CarrollInitial version of an end-to-end test using vagrant
2014-01-20  Jake FarrellAdding license header to missing files (py, bash, thrif...
2013-11-20  Brian WickmanSeveral fixes for vagrant and python builds.
2013-11-20  Kevin SweeneyAdd README, Vagrantfile, docs