Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / build-support / pex
2015-11-19  John SiroisModernize the pex venv script.
2015-05-07  Bill FarnerInvoke pip as a python module rather than directly.
2014-07-16  Brian WickmanAURORA-583: Upgrade to public release of pants
2014-05-26  Bill FarnerFixup empty line from license headers.
2014-05-24  Henry SaputraRemove the Apache Copyright rulez for style check.
2014-05-15  Dan NorrisAURORA-227: Aurora build should check for the Python...
2014-04-30  Brian WickmanUpgrade to pants==23
2014-04-24  Brian WickmanUpgrade pants and commons, fix python thrift namespace...
2014-02-25  Kevin SweeneyUpgrade pex to twitter.common.python==0.3.1
2014-02-25  Dan NorrisAURORA-225: Shell scripts in checkout should use an...
2014-02-04  Kevin SweeneyAURORA-183: Upgrade twitter.common.python to 0.3.0