Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / build-support /
2019-12-21  Renan I. Del ValleDropping support for making Trusty eggs. Upgrading...
2019-11-07  Renan I. Del ValleVagrant box update (#94)
2019-06-24  Stephan ErbUpgrade Pants (#60)
2018-11-13  Renan DelValleUpgrade dev enviornment to Mesos 1.6.1 (#42)
2018-10-15  se choiFix Mesos egg building for CentOS6 (#44)
2018-10-01  Renan DelValleMove Mesos Egg generation from Vagrant to Docker (#40)
2018-09-06  Renan DelValleChanging git repository location for release and releas...
2018-09-04  Renan DelValleRemoving MD5 check from verify release candidate script...
2018-08-30  Renan DelValleRemoving MD5 hash from releases as required by new...
2018-08-21  John SiroisFixup the pycharm setup script.
2018-06-16  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.5
2018-06-13  Stephan ErbUpdate Pants to 1.6.0 and Virtualenv to 16.0.0
2018-02-21  Renan DelValleUpgrading Vagrant setup from Ubuntu Trusty to Ubuntu...
2018-02-15  Stephan ErbDisable pytest-fast mode as a workaround for failing...
2017-12-13  John SiroisUpdate to Thrift 0.10.0 (https://github.com/apache...
2017-12-12  Stephan ErbRestore Linux compatibility of review_feedback.py
2017-12-12  Stephan ErbConvert carriage returns to newlines in reviews
2017-12-09  Stephan ErbUpdate Python deps incl requests and pex
2017-11-13  Bill FarnerAdd a workaround for test_du_diskcollector failing...
2017-11-13  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.4
2017-10-30  Bill FarnerAdd support for generating patch RCs from non-master...
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbRun Jenkins tests without the Gradle daemon
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbSwitch release checksum to sha512
2017-06-11  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Set GPG_TTY if not set in the release scripts.
2017-04-21  Stephan ErbImprove cleanup hints in release and release-candidate...
2017-04-17  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.2.0
2017-01-17  John SiroisEnsure Aurora thrift support js and html.
2017-01-17  John SiroisImprove `thriftw` robustness.
2016-12-27  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.1.0.
2016-12-12  Joshua CohenFix thrift bootstrap to use python2.7.
2016-12-09  John SiroisFixup prepare_binary.sh to work under modern bash.
2016-12-09  Joshua CohenClean up the python prepare_binary script:
2016-12-08  John SiroisGet pants using the same thrift binary as gradle.
2016-11-08  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Resolve docker tags to concrete identifiers for DockerC...
2016-10-05  Renan DelValleBuild Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Xenial specific mesos...
2016-09-29  John SiroisUpgrade to latest pants 1.2.0 pre-release.
2016-08-29  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Re-enable python style check in the integration build.
2016-08-01  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 1.0.0
2016-07-10  Stephan ErbUpdate virtualenv version to 15.0.2
2016-07-04  John SiroisFix thrift t_java_generator.ccc patch.
2016-07-01  John SiroisPatch thrift to compile under modern gcc.
2016-07-01  Maxim KhutornenkoFixing e2e tests failing due to mesos-slave state.
2016-06-29  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 0.28.2.
2016-06-20  Stephan ErbEnsure we can verify release candidates in the Vagrant box
2016-05-06  Joshua CohenAdd client and scheduler support for launching tasks...
2016-04-28  Joshua CohenAdd missing Mesos dependency to packer build script.
2016-04-20  Joshua CohenRevert "Revert "Upgrade to Mesos 0.27.2""
2016-04-15  Joshua CohenRevert "Upgrade to Mesos 0.27.2"
2016-04-15  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 0.27.2
2016-04-12  John SiroisFix stale NEWS RC email link.
2016-04-07  Bill FarnerFix packer builder to not prompt for input.
2016-04-06  Zhitao LiAdding jq to package build.sh.
2016-04-04  Florian PfeifferAdd auroraversion to build properties.
2016-03-18  Bill FarnerSpeed up Vagrant provisioning by using a custom base...
2016-02-15  Stephan ErbBump virtualenv version to 14.0.6
2016-02-09  John SiroisFixup release email links.
2016-02-08  John SiroisFixup release script to tag HEAD of the release branch.
2016-02-01  Zameer ManjiBump virtualenv version for in repo tools.
2016-01-28  John SiroisFixup RC email template tag URL.
2016-01-28  John SiroisFixup release-candidate script.
2016-01-13  Zameer ManjiAdd `--show-error` to curl when bootstrapping thrift.
2016-01-12  Bill FarnerUse tags instead of branches for release candidates.
2016-01-10  Bill FarnerChange release script to use rel/ tag prefix.
2015-12-30  John SiroisFixup invalid error message formatting.
2015-12-30  John SiroisFixup multi-parent error message.
2015-12-24  John SiroisSupport in-flight review chains via `depends-on`.
2015-12-23  Bill FarnerFix string interpolation for release email.
2015-12-21  Bill FarnerAdd a link to NEWS file in release vote emails.
2015-12-18  John SiroisImprove review_feedback.py testability.
2015-12-14  Bill FarnerUpgrade mesos dependency to 0.24.1.
2015-11-24  John SiroisKill extraneous `make clean`.
2015-11-24  John SiroisReplace Twitter checkstyle with pants checkstyle.
2015-11-19  John SiroisModernize the pex venv script.
2015-11-17  John SiroisImprove the isolation in the thrift build.
2015-11-13  John SiroisFix `./pants test src/test/python::` to work out of...
2015-11-12  John SiroisEliminate OOB pip install of python deps in CI.
2015-11-10  John SiroisUpgrade Aurora to pants 0.0.57.
2015-11-02  Dmitriy Shirchenkoupgrade psutil to 3.2.2
2015-09-17  Joe SmithRestore build properties within Scheduler vars endpoint...
2015-08-17  Maxim KhutornenkoUpdating to Mesos 0.23.0. A few notes:
2015-08-04  Bill FarnerRemove build-support/packaging, it now lives elsewhere.
2015-08-03  Kevin SweeneyBuild Kerberos clients in RPM.
2015-08-03  Kevin SweeneyOne python_library per exported setup.py project
2015-07-30  Bill FarnerUse the correct (aurora-specific) python build targets...
2015-07-21  Andrew JorgensenUpdates debian rules to use different thermos_observer.
2015-07-15  Andrew JorgensenRemoves version on virtual pacakge in debian control
2015-07-14  Bill FarnerUpgrade isort version, which is less verbose by default.
2015-07-14  Steve SalevanTidying RPM packaging README and specfile
2015-07-09  Bill FarnerUpgrade gradle version dependencies in rpm/deb specs.
2015-07-06  Steve SalevanAdds RPM specfile and support scripting
2015-06-15  Benjamin StaffinNative Debian packaging for Aurora
2015-05-18  Kevin SweeneyUpgrade pants to 0.0.32
2015-05-12  Joe SmithImprove GPG key validation for release verification...
2015-05-08  Bill FarnerChange RC verification script to use a temp dir.
2015-05-08  Jake FarrellFix 0.8.0-RC0 issues raised due to changelog containing...
2015-05-07  Bill FarnerInvoke pip as a python module rather than directly.
2015-05-07  Bill FarnerFix and enhance RC verification script.
2015-05-04  Jake FarrellAurora-1106: Release candidate script does not generate...
2015-05-04  Jake FarrellAurora-1302: Allow rc script to set an explicit version
2015-04-21  Bill FarnerUpgrade to virtualenv 12.1.1