Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / build.gradle
2020-01-13  Renan I. Del ValleUpgrading npm dependencies with ciritical vulnerabilili...
2019-12-19  Renan I. Del ValleGradle upgrade to 4.10.2 (#101)
2018-11-13  Renan DelValleUpgrade dev enviornment to Mesos 1.6.1 (#42)
2018-06-16  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.5
2018-01-31  Bill FarnerImprove performance of MemTaskStore queries
2017-12-15  Bill FarnerAdd a storage recovery tool
2017-12-13  John SiroisUpdate to Thrift 0.10.0 (https://github.com/apache...
2017-12-07  Bill FarnerUpdate to guice 4.1.0, switch from jersey to resteasy
2017-12-06  Bill FarnerFix for multiple slf4j jars in intellij
2017-11-13  Bill FarnerRemove the internal SQL database
2017-11-13  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.4
2017-11-07  Stephan ErbMigrate from findbugs to spotbugs
2017-10-31  Bill FarnerRemove endpoint.thrift, ServiceInstance is never serial...
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinAdd a package.json file in the plugin directory to...
2017-10-23  Bill FarnerUpdate to shiro 1.2.5
2017-10-23  Bill FarnerUpdate to guava 23.2
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinAdd an example of using the UI plugin mechanism
2017-10-11  Bill FarnerUse a simpler command line argument system
2017-10-04  Jordan LyConvert Webhook to AbstractIdleService, use async HTTP...
2017-10-01  Bill FarnerReplace auto-generated forwarding code with manual...
2017-09-27  David McLaughlinReplace Preact and custom testing with React + Enzyme
2017-09-26  Bill FarnerRestore scheduler benchmarks to working order
2017-09-23  Bill FarnerUpdate to gradle 4.2
2017-08-24  David McLaughlinAdd build and unit test pipeline for new Scheduler...
2017-06-16  Stephan ErbUpdate h2 to 1.4.196
2017-05-30  Stephan ErbBump logback to 1.2.3 and SLF4J to 1.7.25
2017-04-17  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.2.0
2017-02-07  Stephan ErbUpdate PMD to 5.5.3 with the for us relevant fixes:
2016-12-27  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.1.0.
2016-12-02  Reza MotamediChanges to intercept and time mybatis invocations
2016-12-01  David McLaughlinRevert removal of twitter/commons/zk based leadership...
2016-11-30  Stephan ErbUpdate PMD and checkstyle.
2016-11-16  Zameer ManjiUpgrade guava to 20.0
2016-11-16  Stephan ErbUpdate Curator to 2.11.1
2016-11-02  Stephan ErbUpdate h2 database to 1.4.193
2016-10-11  Stephan ErbUpdate mybatis, h2, and jmh to their latest versions.
2016-10-06  John SiroisMove common/zookeeper to the main aurora project.
2016-09-20  Dmitriy ShirchenkoRefactor of Webhook and no longer posting entire task...
2016-08-10  Zameer ManjiBump jetty dependency to the latest release.
2016-08-01  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 1.0.0
2016-06-29  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 0.28.2.
2016-04-20  Joshua CohenRevert "Revert "Upgrade to Mesos 0.27.2""
2016-04-15  Joshua CohenRevert "Upgrade to Mesos 0.27.2"
2016-04-15  Joshua CohenUpgrade to Mesos 0.27.2
2016-04-12  John SiroisMake `ServerSet.JSON_CODEC` robust to errors.
2016-04-12  John SiroisIntroduce a Curator-based `ServiceGroupMonitor`.
2016-04-08  Joshua CohenAdd support for automated DB migrations and rollbacks...
2016-03-08  John SiroisUpgrade ZooKeeper to 3.4.8.
2016-02-23  Zameer ManjiBump mybatis dependency to 3.3.1. The release notes...
2016-02-09  Joshua CohenUpdate to Mesos 0.26.0
2016-01-19  John SiroisFixup broken jmh benchmarks.
2016-01-12  Bill FarnerReplace scheduler log scaffolding with logback.
2016-01-08  Zameer ManjiBump JMH to 1.11.2.
2016-01-05  John SiroisAvoid zk 3.4.7 to fix test hangs.
2016-01-05  John SiroisFixup missing commons compile dep.
2016-01-05  John SiroisUpgrade to the latest zk point release.
2016-01-04  Bill FarnerUpgrade ZooKeeper dep to 3.4.2
2016-01-01  John SiroisSimplify thrift service metadata.
2015-12-29  Bill FarnerUpdate a handful of dependencies.
2015-12-29  John SiroisUpgrade to Gradle 2.10 to pick up perf wins.
2015-12-23  Bill FarnerUpgrade mesos dependency to 0.25.0
2015-12-16  Bill FarnerAdd PMD coverage for test sources.
2015-12-15  Bill FarnerUpgrade to jetty 9.3.6.v20151106.
2015-12-15  Bill FarnerDisable task caching for the generateBuildProperties...
2015-12-14  Bill FarnerUpgrade mesos dependency to 0.24.1.
2015-12-10  John SiroisRevert "Revert "Replace manual Forwarding* with `@Forwa...
2015-12-09  John SiroisRevert "Replace manual Forwarding* with `@Forward`."
2015-12-08  Bill FarnerUpgrade checkstyle and pmd versions.
2015-12-07  John SiroisReplace manual Forwarding* with `@Forward`.
2015-11-24  Zameer ManjiSet JDK and langauge level for entire project.
2015-11-24  Bill FarnerRemove jersey dependency from commons code.
2015-11-19  Bill FarnerIntroduce a utility class to read executor configuratio...
2015-11-14  Bill FarnerUpgrade to checkstyle 6.12.1
2015-10-25  Zameer ManjiExplicitly declare FindBugs version and effort level.
2015-10-07  Bill FarnerUpgrade to gradle 2.7 and checkstyle 6.11.2.
2015-09-29  Zameer ManjiDrop commons-io dependency.
2015-09-17  Joe SmithRestore build properties within Scheduler vars endpoint...
2015-08-31  Zameer ManjiUpgrade Shiro to 1.2.4.
2015-08-31  Zameer ManjiUpgrade to Guava 18
2015-08-30  Bill FarnerRemove dependency on old google testing library.
2015-08-28  Bill FarnerRemove unused classes from commons fork.
2015-08-25  Zameer ManjiReplace Twitter copyright headers in commons.
2015-08-25  Zameer ManjiImport of Twitter Commons.
2015-08-17  Maxim KhutornenkoUpdating to Mesos 0.23.0. A few notes:
2015-08-05  Joshua CohenModify the gradle build to optionally prefix CLASSPATH...
2015-07-22  Joshua CohenEnforce a minimum java version rather than failing...
2015-07-16  Kevin SweeneyUse HTTPS for Twitter Maven repository.
2015-07-09  Bill FarnerUpgrade to checkstyle 6.7.
2015-06-19  Maxim KhutornenkoFixing broken gradle dependency scanner.
2015-05-12  Bill FarnerUse JDK 8 language features.
2015-05-11  Bill FarnerUpgade h2 to 1.4.187.
2015-05-06  Bill FarnerUpdgrade to gradle 2.4.
2015-04-28  Bill FarnerAdd benchmarks for fetching tasks over the API.
2015-04-21  Ben MahlerUpdated mesos library to 0.22.0.
2015-04-03  Bill FarnerAdd a benchmark for getRoleSummary.
2015-03-20  Kevin SweeneyDRY up PMD configuration.
2015-03-13  Bill FarnerDetect an invalid .auroraversion expansion and provide...
2015-03-13  Sanyogeeta Lawandeupgrading mybatis version from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8
2015-03-11  Bill FarnerUpgrade gradle and a few plugins.
2015-03-10  Kevin SweeneySupport HTTP Basic auth and shiro.ini configuration