Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
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2018-01-09  Bill FarnerRefactor scheduling code to split matching and assignin...
2017-12-15  Bill FarnerUse java.util.Optional throughout
2017-10-31  Bill FarnerRemove endpoint.thrift, ServiceInstance is never serial...
2017-10-19  Bill FarnerRemove legacy commons ZK code
2017-10-15  Stephan ErbUse compatible Curator session and connection timeouts
2017-10-11  Bill FarnerUse a simpler command line argument system
2017-03-23  Zameer ManjiSupport Mesos Maintenance
2017-03-07  Zameer ManjiRemove SerializableClock interface.
2017-02-25  Mehrdad NurolahzadeCurrently snapshot times are exposed for the entire...
2017-01-23  Zameer ManjiMake leader elections resilient to ZK disconnections.
2017-01-11  Bing-Qian LuanClean up instances of loggers using a logger name from...
2016-12-01  David McLaughlinRevert removal of twitter/commons/zk based leadership...
2016-10-06  John SiroisMove common/zookeeper to the main aurora project.
2016-09-27  John SiroisRemove `-zk_use_curator` and unused code.
2016-09-16  Maxim KhutornenkoBatching writes - Part 2 (of 3): Converting cron jobs...
2016-09-06  Zameer ManjiRemove HttpServletRequestParams.
2016-09-06  Zameer ManjiRemove static Stats method `exportSize`.
2016-08-22  Zameer ManjiReduce static method exposure for Stats.
2016-04-15  Zameer ManjiReplace org.apache.aurora.common.base.Closure with...
2016-04-14  John SiroisIntroduce a Curator-based `SingletonService`.
2016-04-13  John SiroisSimplify `Credentials`; kill `ZooKeeperClient` dep.
2016-04-12  John SiroisMake `ServerSet.JSON_CODEC` robust to errors.
2016-04-08  Bill FarnerRemove support for positional command line arguments,
2016-04-08  Bill FarnerRemove support for reading command line argument values...
2016-04-08  Bill FarnerRemove support for canonical command line arg names.
2016-04-07  John SiroisGeneralize ZooKeeper Test Utils.
2016-04-06  John SiroisLift the standard `ServerSet` encoding.
2016-04-06  John SiroisSlim the `ServerSet` interface.
2016-04-05  John SiroisExtract a SingletonService interface.
2016-02-01  Stephan ErbAllow dots and hyphens in metric names.
2016-01-20  George SiroisIntroduces -default_docker_parameters scheduler flag.
2016-01-12  Bill FarnerReplace scheduler log scaffolding with logback.
2016-01-09  John SiroisFix flaky `ServerSetImplTest` test.
2016-01-05  John SiroisFixup ZooKeeperTestServer restartNetwork.
2016-01-04  Bill FarnerUpgrade ZooKeeper dep to 3.4.2
2016-01-04  Bill FarnerUse slf4j throughout the scheduler.
2016-01-03  Tony DongAdd jittering to TruncatedBinaryBackoff.
2015-12-28  Bill FarnerMove all command line argument declarations to modules...
2015-12-10  Bill FarnerConvert test sources to use lambdas throughout.
2015-12-08  Bill FarnerUse lambdas throughout the project.
2015-11-24  John SiroisKill unused `.st` files and params.
2015-11-20  Zameer ManjiRemove unused and deprecated code from commons.
2015-10-25  Zameer ManjiRemove unused Connection interface.
2015-09-29  Zameer ManjiDrop commons-io dependency.
2015-09-18  Joe SmithMaintain compatibility with Health Handler before javax...
2015-09-17  Joe SmithRestore build properties within Scheduler vars endpoint...
2015-09-16  Bill FarnerConvert all of our servlet implementations to jax-rs...
2015-09-15  Bill FarnerRefactor SchedulerMain to absorb AppLauncher.
2015-09-11  Bill FarnerChange ZooKeeperTestServer to not rely on ShutdownRegistry.
2015-09-11  Bill FarnerRemove StartupRegistry.
2015-09-09  Zameer ManjiReplace BoundedQueue with Guava's EvictingQueue.
2015-09-02  Zameer ManjiRemove ExceptionalClosure interface.
2015-09-02  Bill FarnerUse guava replacement for ExecutorServiceShutdown.
2015-09-01  Zameer ManjiRemove unused commons classes.
2015-09-01  Bill FarnerRemove unused components from the scheduler application...
2015-08-31  Joe SmithAllow for slashes in metric names
2015-08-31  Zameer ManjiRemove barely used commons classes.
2015-08-31  Zameer ManjiUpgrade to Guava 18
2015-08-30  Bill FarnerRemove dependency on old google testing library.
2015-08-30  Bill FarnerRemove unused code from commons fork.
2015-08-28  Bill FarnerRemove unused classes from commons fork.
2015-08-26  Zameer ManjiMove packages from com.twitter.common to org.apache...
2015-08-25  Zameer ManjiReplace Twitter copyright headers in commons.
2015-08-25  Zameer ManjiImport of Twitter Commons.