Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / pants
2019-06-24  Stephan ErbUpgrade Pants (#60)
2018-06-13  Stephan ErbUpdate Pants to 1.6.0 and Virtualenv to 16.0.0
2016-08-26  Stephan ErbUnset PYTHONPATH before calling pants
2016-07-10  Stephan ErbUpdate virtualenv version to 15.0.2
2016-02-13  Benjamin StaffinUpdate pants wrapper to match upstream
2015-11-12  Joe SmithTrim whitespace for pants script.
2015-11-11  Joe SmithUpdate pants bootstrap script to be agnostic to sed...
2015-11-10  John SiroisUpgrade Aurora to pants 0.0.57.
2015-05-07  Bill FarnerInvoke pip as a python module rather than directly.
2015-01-16  Brian WickmanUpgrade pants to 0.0.27
2014-10-23  Joshua CohenAdd a script to update build-support/pants_requirements...
2014-10-23  Kevin SweeneyFreeze pants requirements.
2014-10-23  Kevin SweeneyFix typo in pants bash script.
2014-10-23  Kevin SweeneyUpgrade virtualenv to 1.11.6.
2014-10-22  Kevin SweeneyUse virtualenv to build pants instead of pex.
2014-10-07  Joe SmithUpgrade to pants 0.0.24
2014-09-15  Mark Chu-CarrollUpdate to pants 0.0.23.
2014-07-30  Brian WickmanUpgrade pants to 0.0.20
2014-07-16  Brian WickmanAURORA-583: Upgrade to public release of pants
2014-06-20  Joe SmithUpgrade pants with fixed setup_py command
2014-06-17  Joe SmithMigrate to pantsbuild pants
2014-05-26  Bill FarnerFixup empty line from license headers.
2014-05-24  Henry SaputraRemove the Apache Copyright rulez for style check.
2014-04-30  Brian WickmanUpgrade to pants==23
2014-04-24  Brian WickmanUpgrade pants and commons, fix python thrift namespace...
2014-02-25  Dan NorrisAURORA-225: Shell scripts in checkout should use an...
2014-02-18  Brian WickmanAURORA-213: Pin aurora at pants==0.0.14-dev2
2014-02-04  Kevin SweeneyAURORA-183: Upgrade twitter.common.python to 0.3.0
2014-01-20  Jake FarrellAdding license header to missing files (py, bash, thrif...
2013-12-05  Kevin SweeneyDocument ASF review process and tooling.
2013-11-20  Brian WickmanSeveral fixes for vagrant and python builds.
2013-11-19  Brian WickmanUse the correct python interpreter for virtualenv
2013-11-19  Brian Wickmanincrement to pants 0.0.12
2013-11-19  Brian WickmanForward progress.
2013-11-19  Brian Wickmanpants bootstrapper for the aurora repository