Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
[aurora.git] / ui / package.json
2020-01-13  Renan I. Del ValleUpgrading npm dependencies with ciritical vulnerabilili...
2018-07-31  Jordan LyUpdate URLS for git repositories.
2017-11-22  David McLaughlinReplace node-sass with sass.js
2017-10-25  Reza MotamediReload instance page when URL changes.
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinAdd an example of using the UI plugin mechanism
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd URL handling for tab switching on Job page
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinManage Bootstrap with webpack.
2017-10-12  David McLaughlinImplement Job page in React
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Update and Updates pages in React.
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Instance pages in React
2017-09-27  David McLaughlinReplace Preact and custom testing with React + Enzyme
2017-09-13  David McLaughlinHomePage implemented in Preact
2017-08-24  David McLaughlinAdd build and unit test pipeline for new Scheduler...