Apache version moved into the Attic (#106)
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2020-01-13  Renan I. Del ValleUpgrading npm dependencies with ciritical vulnerabilili...
2019-08-28  Renan DelValleAuto Pause for Batch based update strategies (#54)
2018-10-15  Renan DelValleCustom executor UI fix (#43)
2018-10-09  Renan DelValleStaggered (Variable batch) Updates (#37)
2018-07-31  Jordan LyUpdate URLS for git repositories.
2018-07-19  Jordan LyEnable SLA-aware updates
2018-06-26  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Display negation of constraint in TaskConfigSummary.
2018-06-22  Santhosh KumarFix style of TaskConfigSummary.
2018-06-05  Santhosh Kumar Sha... Enable `Tasks` to specify their own custom maintenance...
2018-02-06  David McLaughlinUse overflow to prevent overlapping config summary...
2018-02-06  David McLaughlinAdd task page to Scheduler UI (without inbound links...
2018-02-05  David McLaughlinShow cron job preview when no active tasks.
2018-02-02  David McLaughlinFix UI table layout issue on Config Summaries
2018-02-02  David McLaughlinAdd PartitionPolicy to config summary when defined
2017-11-22  David McLaughlinReplace node-sass with sass.js
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDisplay pending task reasons in TaskList
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDon't show host data when task is Throttled.
2017-11-08  Reza MotamediPolling updates page if in progress in UI
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinCondense whitespace of navigation and breadcrumb, reduc...
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinAdd resource units to config summary
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinRevert to old Job Page tab names and add counts
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinReduce white-space on role and env pages
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinRevert role searching in UI to old behavior
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinSupport updates with no desiredState on Job and Update...
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinSearch entire job name for query string on JobList
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinDo not fetch neighbor tasks if no active task
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinClean up TaskList component layout.
2017-10-25  Reza MotamediReload instance page when URL changes.
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinAdd a package.json file in the plugin directory to...
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinRemove the old UI and serve the new UI instead
2017-10-24  David McLaughlinFix alignment of text on JobList
2017-10-23  David McLaughlinAdd sorting and filtering controls for TaskList
2017-10-23  David McLaughlinFix back button issue on Jobs page
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinAdd an example of using the UI plugin mechanism
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinDisplay cron time as UTC
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinPrevent diff line from overflowing container
2017-10-20  Reza MotamediExpose list of neighbors in the instance page
2017-10-19  David McLaughlinRefactor Job Page to make it more pluggable
2017-10-19  David McLaughlinCosmetic changes to Navigation and task metadata
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd cron configuration to Job Page
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinFix lint build error from Fonts patch.
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd fonts again (with line-endings intact!)
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinRemove corrupted fonts and add font files to .gitattrib...
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinRole and Environment Page fixes:
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinClean up Job Page CSS.
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinDetect and parse Thermos config in Diff output
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd Source Sans Pro font to project
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd diff viewer to Update Page
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd pointer for pagination links
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFix instance range display
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd URL handling for tab switching on Job page
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinHide InstanceHistory when there are no old tasks.
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFormat constraints on Task Config Summary
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinCenter pagination links when not a table.
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinClean up State Machine CSS to handle long messages
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinHide pagination links on Role and Job lists when only...
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFix link on Navigation logo
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinManage Bootstrap with webpack.
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinAdd support for controlling API url in UI without modif...
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinProtect against null value in RoleQuota
2017-10-12  David McLaughlinImplement Job page in React
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Update and Updates pages in React.
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Instance pages in React
2017-10-03  David McLaughlinImplement Role and Environment pages in Preact.
2017-09-27  David McLaughlinReplace Preact and custom testing with React + Enzyme
2017-09-13  David McLaughlinHomePage implemented in Preact
2017-08-24  David McLaughlinAdd build and unit test pipeline for new Scheduler...