2018-02-07  Renan DelValleUpdating .auroraversion to 0.19.1-rc0. rel/0.19.1-rc0
2018-02-07  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.19.1-SNAPSHOT.
2018-02-07  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.19.1 release.
2018-02-07  Renan DelValleApplying argument parsing fix. This allows JCommander...
2017-11-11  Bill FarnerUpdating .auroraversion to release version 0.19.0. rel/0.19.0
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUpdating .auroraversion to 0.19.0-rc0. rel/0.19.0-rc0
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerIncrementing snapshot version to 0.20.0-SNAPSHOT.
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.19.0 release.
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUpdate release notes in preparation for 0.19.0 release
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUse a pair of fields for caching offer resources rather...
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDisplay pending task reasons in TaskList
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDon't show host data when task is Throttled.
2017-11-08  Reza MotamediPolling updates page if in progress in UI
2017-11-07  Stephan ErbMigrate from findbugs to spotbugs
2017-11-02  Jordan LyFixed issue where saving attributes are not being persi...
2017-11-02  Stephan ErbTerminate the executor on unhandled errors
2017-10-31  Jordan LyRefactor staticallyBannedOffers into a LRU cache
2017-10-31  Stephan ErbRemove inaccurate "Initializing sandbox" message
2017-10-31  Bill FarnerRemove endpoint.thrift, ServiceInstance is never serial...
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinCondense whitespace of navigation and breadcrumb, reduc...
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinAdd resource units to config summary
2017-10-30  Bill FarnerAdd support for generating patch RCs from non-master...
2017-10-29  Bill FarnerAdd release notes for 0.18.1
2017-10-28  Bill FarnerSuppress multiline logging from mesos callbacks
2017-10-27  Jordan LyMesosCallbackHandler uses separate eventbus for registe...
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinRevert to old Job Page tab names and add counts
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinReduce white-space on role and env pages
2017-10-27  David McLaughlinRevert role searching in UI to old behavior
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinSupport updates with no desiredState on Job and Update...
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinSearch entire job name for query string on JobList
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinDo not fetch neighbor tasks if no active task
2017-10-26  David McLaughlinClean up TaskList component layout.
2017-10-25  Reza MotamediReload instance page when URL changes.
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinAdd release notes for new UI
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinAdd a package.json file in the plugin directory to...
2017-10-25  Jordan LyRefactor veto logic to use direct method calls as oppos...
2017-10-25  David McLaughlinRemove the old UI and serve the new UI instead
2017-10-25  Bill FarnerExclusively use Map-based in-memory stores for primary...
2017-10-24  David McLaughlinDo not reserve agents for updates when constraints...
2017-10-24  David McLaughlinFix alignment of text on JobList
2017-10-23  Mauricio GaravagliaMove job environment validation to the scheduler
2017-10-23  David McLaughlinAdd sorting and filtering controls for TaskList
2017-10-23  Bill FarnerUpdate to shiro 1.2.5
2017-10-23  David McLaughlinFix back button issue on Jobs page
2017-10-23  Bill FarnerUpdate to guava 23.2
2017-10-21  Bill FarnerAdd test case for regression of AURORA-1952
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinAdd an example of using the UI plugin mechanism
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinDisplay cron time as UTC
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinPrevent diff line from overflowing container
2017-10-20  Reza MotamediExpose list of neighbors in the instance page
2017-10-20  David McLaughlinAdd Cache-Control header to static assets, to allow...
2017-10-20  Bill FarnerProvide a formal way to disable offer declining
2017-10-19  David McLaughlinRefactor Job Page to make it more pluggable
2017-10-19  Bill FarnerUse LockStore only for backwards compatibility
2017-10-19  David McLaughlinAdd banner pointing to new UI
2017-10-19  David McLaughlinCosmetic changes to Navigation and task metadata
2017-10-19  Bill FarnerWhen scheduling, skip offers with no CPU and no mem
2017-10-19  Bill FarnerRemove legacy commons ZK code
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd cron configuration to Job Page
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinFix lint build error from Fonts patch.
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd fonts again (with line-endings intact!)
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinRemove corrupted fonts and add font files to .gitattrib...
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinRole and Environment Page fixes:
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinClean up Job Page CSS.
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinDetect and parse Thermos config in Diff output
2017-10-18  David McLaughlinAdd Source Sans Pro font to project
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd diff viewer to Update Page
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd pointer for pagination links
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFix instance range display
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinAdd URL handling for tab switching on Job page
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinHide InstanceHistory when there are no old tasks.
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFormat constraints on Task Config Summary
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinCenter pagination links when not a table.
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinClean up State Machine CSS to handle long messages
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinHide pagination links on Role and Job lists when only...
2017-10-17  David McLaughlinFix link on Navigation logo
2017-10-17  Derek SlagerUpdate list of Companies using Aurora.
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinManage Bootstrap with webpack.
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinAdd support for controlling API url in UI without modif...
2017-10-16  David McLaughlinProtect against null value in RoleQuota
2017-10-15  Stephan ErbUse compatible Curator session and connection timeouts
2017-10-12  David McLaughlinImplement Job page in React
2017-10-11  Bill FarnerUse a simpler command line argument system
2017-10-10  Bill FarnerStream backup file from disk
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Update and Updates pages in React.
2017-10-10  Bill FarnerFix broken end-to-end tests
2017-10-10  David McLaughlinImplement Instance pages in React
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbRun Jenkins tests without the Gradle daemon
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbFix documentation of pystachio Volume struct
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbSwitch release checksum to sha512
2017-10-04  Jordan LyConvert Webhook to AbstractIdleService, use async HTTP...
2017-10-03  David McLaughlinImplement Role and Environment pages in Preact.
2017-10-01  Bill FarnerReplace auto-generated forwarding code with manual...
2017-09-29  Bill FarnerRemove the rewriteConfigs thrift method
2017-09-29  Jordan LyAdded additional stop() to prevent errors in run()...
2017-09-28  Jordan LyAllow transitions from any state to STOPPED in CallOrde...
2017-09-27  David McLaughlinReplace Preact and custom testing with React + Enzyme
2017-09-27  Bill FarnerWorkaround to get pants working in macOS high sierra
2017-09-27  Bill FarnerFix binding issues preventing ./gradle run from working
2017-09-27  Bill FarnerUse a more efficient query for instance ID collision...