2018-03-28  Renan DelValleUpdating .auroraversion to 0.20.0-rc1. rel/0.20.0-rc1
2018-03-28  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.21.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-03-28  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.20.0 release.
2018-03-28  Renan DelVallePreparing for release.
2018-03-27  Renan DelValleReverting changes done by release script due to failed
2018-03-27  Renan DelValleEnd to end tests bugfix
2018-03-26  Reza MotamediIntroduce mesos disk collector
2018-03-23  Jordan LyFix 'PreemptorSlotSearchBenchmark', remove 'isProductio...
2018-03-23  Jordan LyRemove unused LOST_LOCK_MESSAGE variable in JobUpdateCo...
2018-03-21  Renan DelValleAdding support for using custom executors via the Auror...
2018-03-19  Stephan ErbSwitch Thermos to lazy log formatting
2018-03-19  Jordan LyPersist scheduler/observer logs to /var/log/aurora...
2018-03-19  Jordan LyRemove unused module in RecoveryTool, move TaskTestUtil...
2018-03-18  Jordan LyRefactor ClusterState to more appropriate package,...
2018-03-16  Renan DelValleUpgrade RBT to 0.7.11
2018-03-02  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.21.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-03-02  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.20.0 release.
2018-03-02  Renan DelVallePreparing for release.
2018-02-28  Jordan LyUse StandardCharset instead of Charset.forName in ApiModule
2018-02-27  Jordan LyRevert "Fix cron id collision bug by avoiding state...
2018-02-21  Franck CunyAdd GPUs as resources in the Aurora CLI.
2018-02-21  Renan DelValleUpgrading Vagrant setup from Ubuntu Trusty to Ubuntu...
2018-02-20  Jordan LyFix cron id collision bug by avoiding state in Quartz...
2018-02-19  Jordan LyMake charset parsing in HTTP headers case insensitve
2018-02-15  Stephan ErbDisable pytest-fast mode as a workaround for failing...
2018-02-14  David McLaughlinDo not reschedule a PARTITIONED task if it was in KILLI...
2018-02-14  Jordan LyAdd GPG key for
2018-02-14  Renan DelValleAdding support for Thrift JSON requests which defines...
2018-02-09  Stephan ErbUpdate Javascript Thrift to 0.10
2018-02-06  David McLaughlinUse overflow to prevent overlapping config summary...
2018-02-06  David McLaughlinAdd task page to Scheduler UI (without inbound links...
2018-02-05  David McLaughlinShow cron job preview when no active tasks.
2018-02-03  Renan DelValleAdding gpg key for renan
2018-02-02  David McLaughlinFix UI table layout issue on Config Summaries
2018-02-02  David McLaughlinAdd PartitionPolicy to config summary when defined
2018-01-31  Stephan ErbEnsure primary_port warning respects announcer portmap
2018-01-31  Bill FarnerImprove performance of MemTaskStore queries
2018-01-30  David McLaughlinSupport PARTITIONED state in SLA calculations. Also...
2018-01-30  David McLaughlinFix infinite loop in Task State Machine due to TASK_UNK...
2018-01-25  David McLaughlinFix error handling logic for launch failures
2018-01-20  Jordan LyAllow for injection of custom OfferSets, removed OfferO...
2018-01-19  Bill FarnerPrint command line parameters when the scheduler starts
2018-01-19  Renan DelValleGitHub Pull Request template to discourage folks from...
2018-01-17  Juan Manuel... Added ExclusionStrategy to Gson formatter in structdump
2018-01-10  Ruben D. PorrasUpdate discovery info documentation, when using mesos-dns
2018-01-09  Bill FarnerRefactor scheduling code to split matching and assignin...
2018-01-09  Renan DelValleCustom converter to allow the -thermos_executor_resources
2018-01-04  Bill FarnerAdd a test to detect incompatible storage changes
2017-12-17  Jing ChenAdd metadata field to Job object in DSL
2017-12-15  Bill FarnerAdd a storage recovery tool
2017-12-15  Bill FarnerUse java.util.Optional throughout
2017-12-14  Bill FarnerRecover snapshots via the Op stream
2017-12-13  John SiroisUpdate to Thrift 0.10.0 (
2017-12-12  Jordan LyAttempt #2 to fix flaky Webhook test
2017-12-12  Stephan ErbRestore Linux compatibility of
2017-12-12  Stephan ErbConvert carriage returns to newlines in reviews
2017-12-10  Stephan ErbFix flaky WebhookTest
2017-12-09  Stephan ErbUpdate Python deps incl requests and pex
2017-12-09  Jordan LyDeprecated Ops re-added, perform no-op instead of throw...
2017-12-07  Bill FarnerRemove hack for guice error logging
2017-12-07  Bill FarnerUpdate to guice 4.1.0, switch from jersey to resteasy
2017-12-06  Bill FarnerRemove H2-related end-to-end test case
2017-12-06  Bill FarnerFix for multiple slf4j jars in intellij
2017-12-04  Bill FarnerClean up some lint rules
2017-12-03  Jing ChenExpose thrift workload stats on pruneTasks() invocations
2017-12-03  Bill FarnerRemove redundant transaction recorder
2017-12-03  Bill FarnerExtract a storage Persistence layer
2017-11-30  Jordan LyMoved `HostOffer` to `offers` package
2017-11-29  Bill FarnerAdd RemoveJobUpdates log Op, slim JobUpdateStore API
2017-11-28  Jordan LyEnable custom offer scoring modules for task assignment
2017-11-28  Nicolás DonatucciRemove task level resource fields from thrift interface
2017-11-22  David McLaughlinReplace node-sass with sass.js
2017-11-21  David McLaughlinGive jobs the ability to determine how to handle partit...
2017-11-15  Jordan LyFix flaky MesosCallbackHandlerTest
2017-11-15  Jordan LyUse transition method and fix documentation in Webhooks
2017-11-14  Bill FarnerRemove LockStore
2017-11-13  Bill FarnerMake testTaskChangedWithOldStateError more robust
2017-11-13  Bill FarnerAdd a workaround for test_du_diskcollector failing...
2017-11-13  Bill FarnerRemove the internal SQL database
2017-11-13  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.4
2017-11-09  Bill FarnerAdd a test for storage durability
2017-11-09  David McLaughlinFix tutorial test script
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerIncrementing snapshot version to 0.20.0-SNAPSHOT.
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.19.0 release.
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUpdate release notes in preparation for 0.19.0 release
2017-11-08  Bill FarnerUse a pair of fields for caching offer resources rather...
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDisplay pending task reasons in TaskList
2017-11-08  David McLaughlinDon't show host data when task is Throttled.
2017-11-08  Reza MotamediPolling updates page if in progress in UI
2017-11-07  Stephan ErbMigrate from findbugs to spotbugs
2017-11-02  Jordan LyFixed issue where saving attributes are not being persi...
2017-11-02  Stephan ErbTerminate the executor on unhandled errors
2017-10-31  Jordan LyRefactor staticallyBannedOffers into a LRU cache
2017-10-31  Stephan ErbRemove inaccurate "Initializing sandbox" message
2017-10-31  Bill FarnerRemove endpoint.thrift, ServiceInstance is never serial...
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinCondense whitespace of navigation and breadcrumb, reduc...
2017-10-30  David McLaughlinAdd resource units to config summary
2017-10-30  Bill FarnerAdd support for generating patch RCs from non-master...
2017-10-29  Bill FarnerAdd release notes for 0.18.1
2017-10-28  Bill FarnerSuppress multiline logging from mesos callbacks