2019-12-13  Renan DelValleUpdating .auroraversion to release version 0.22.0. rel/0.22.0
2019-12-03  Renan DelValleUpdating .auroraversion to 0.22.0-rc1. rel/0.22.0-rc1
2019-12-03  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT.
2019-12-03  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.22.0 release.
2019-12-03  Renan DelVallePreparing for release.
2019-12-03  Renan I. Del... Fixing flaky Kerberos end to end tests (#96)
2019-11-29  Renan I. Del... Increasing initial timeout for health check in order...
2019-11-07  Renan I. Del... Vagrant box update (#94)
2019-11-05  Renan I. Del... Switching from TravisCI to Actions (#92)
2019-11-04  Renan DelValleRevert "Release candidate changes"
2019-10-22  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT.
2019-10-22  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.22.0 release.
2019-10-22  Renan DelValleRemoving (unreleased) from Relase notes.
2019-10-14  Renan DelValleAllow configuration manager to accept non-prod jobs...
2019-09-17  Renan DelValleUpdating relese notes and scheduler documentation ...
2019-09-16  Renan DelValleAdding flag to enable SLA aware killing for non product...
2019-09-05  Stephan ErbAdd observer flag to disable resource metric collection...
2019-08-28  Renan DelValleAuto Pause for Batch based update strategies (#54)
2019-08-27  Raúl CuzaDocfix: update thermos_profile cmdline (#64)
2019-08-13  psontagMake python3 compatible (#65)
2019-08-01  Renan DelValleMesos Fetcher file name output support (#6) (#63)
2019-07-24  Stephan ErbEnsure resource ordering in PreemptionVictimFilter...
2019-06-24  Stephan ErbUpgrade Pants (#60)
2019-03-12  Stephan ErbFix failing CI builds (#55)
2019-02-01  Stephan ErbUpdate to Pystachio 0.8.5 (#52)
2018-12-03  Renan DelValleSet IsProd when Job is received by Scheduler (#50)
2018-11-13  Renan DelValleUpgrade dev enviornment to Mesos 1.6.1 (#42)
2018-10-31  Renan DelValleMiscellaneous cosmetic fixes and Travis CI badge (#45)
2018-10-16  Stephan ErbUpdate Pystachio to 0.8.4 (#46)
2018-10-15  Renan DelValleCustom executor UI fix (#43)
2018-10-15  se choiFix Mesos egg building for CentOS6 (#44)
2018-10-09  Renan DelValleStaggered (Variable batch) Updates (#37)
2018-10-02  Daniel KnightlyMemoize loader.load and loader.load_json (#41)
2018-10-01  Renan DelValleMove Mesos Egg generation from Vagrant to Docker (#40)
2018-09-06  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-09-06  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.21.0 release.
2018-09-06  Renan DelValleChanging git repository location for release and releas...
2018-09-05  Renan DelValleRevert "Updating CHANGELOG for 0.21.0 release."
2018-09-05  Renan DelValleRevert "Incrementing snapshot version to 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT."
2018-09-05  Stephan ErbFix sandbox permission errors with Mesos 1.6.0
2018-09-05  Stephan ErbRefactor DirectorySandbox to take the Mesos sandbox...
2018-09-05  Stephan ErbLog full stack traces when a Thermos process fails
2018-09-05  Stephan ErbSwitch Thermos runner to simple disk log layout
2018-09-04  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-09-04  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.21.0 release.
2018-09-04  Renan DelValleRemoving MD5 check from verify release candidate script...
2018-08-30  Renan DelValleRemoving MD5 hash from releases as required by new...
2018-08-21  John SiroisFixup the pycharm setup script.
2018-08-17  David McLaughlinMerge pull request #33 from jordanly/jly/fix-npe-in...
2018-08-16  Jordan LyBetter naming in e2e test 33/head
2018-08-16  Jordan LyFix possible NullPointerException in InstanceActionHand...
2018-08-11  Stephan ErbAdd Travis file for Aurora tests (#29)
2018-08-01  Renan DelValleDeleting message discouraging PRs on github now that...
2018-07-31  Jordan LyUpdate URLS for git repositories.
2018-07-26  David McLaughlinPrune updates that have no surviving job keys in the...
2018-07-26  Jordan LyAdd size metric for memory stores, add MemSchedulerStor...
2018-07-19  Jordan LyEnable SLA-aware updates
2018-07-18  Santhosh Kumar... Unhandled exception should not strand runner in STARTIN...
2018-07-17  Ezequiel TorresTaskQuery struct needs to be optional
2018-06-29  Renan DelValleUpdated restore instructions to reflect using offline...
2018-06-26  Santhosh Kumar... Display negation of constraint in TaskConfigSummary.
2018-06-22  Santhosh KumarFix style of TaskConfigSummary.
2018-06-21  Santhosh Kumar... Introduce a `countdown-ms` param in Coordinator request.
2018-06-19  Santhosh Kumar... Export count-down to forceful Maintenace as a metric.
2018-06-18  Santhosh Kumar... Export number of tasks lost per dedicated role.
2018-06-16  Stephan ErbUpdate to Mesos 1.5
2018-06-15  Santhosh Kumar... Close AsyncHttpClient on scheduler shutdown.
2018-06-14  Stephan ErbSpeedup regular Thermos observer checkpoint refresh
2018-06-14  Jing ChenRemove resource properties from ResourceAggregate
2018-06-13  Stephan ErbUpdate Pants to 1.6.0 and Virtualenv to 16.0.0
2018-06-07  Santhosh Kumar... Remove maintenance request after a host is drained.
2018-06-05  Santhosh Kumar... Enable `Tasks` to specify their own custom maintenance...
2018-05-21  Santhosh Kumar... Introduce structs to enable specifying custom SLA.
2018-05-21  Jordan LyFix flaky Webhook test by ensuring proper error condition
2018-05-07  Jing Chenaurora update info command should print out update...
2018-05-04  Renan DelValleChanging Vagrant requirements to latest version for...
2018-04-26  David McLaughlinBreakdown resource stats by role
2018-04-22  Stephan ErbUpgrade to psutil with optimized Process.children()
2018-04-20  Reza MotamediFix the json endpoints in thermos
2018-04-20  Sameer BrennAdd --pid-file flag to `aurora task ssh` to write the...
2018-04-12  Jordan LyAdd initial interval before searching for preemption...
2018-04-11  Jordan LyRemove flaky test/assertion in PendingTaskProcessorTest
2018-04-11  Jordan LyAdd more preemption metrics (jobs preempted, preemptors...
2018-04-08  Renan DelValleChaning default reviewers as well as reflecting the...
2018-03-28  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.21.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-03-28  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.20.0 release.
2018-03-28  Renan DelVallePreparing for release.
2018-03-27  Renan DelValleReverting changes done by release script due to failed
2018-03-27  Renan DelValleEnd to end tests bugfix
2018-03-26  Reza MotamediIntroduce mesos disk collector
2018-03-23  Jordan LyFix 'PreemptorSlotSearchBenchmark', remove 'isProductio...
2018-03-23  Jordan LyRemove unused LOST_LOCK_MESSAGE variable in JobUpdateCo...
2018-03-21  Renan DelValleAdding support for using custom executors via the Auror...
2018-03-19  Stephan ErbSwitch Thermos to lazy log formatting
2018-03-19  Jordan LyPersist scheduler/observer logs to /var/log/aurora...
2018-03-19  Jordan LyRemove unused module in RecoveryTool, move TaskTestUtil...
2018-03-18  Jordan LyRefactor ClusterState to more appropriate package,...
2018-03-16  Renan DelValleUpgrade RBT to 0.7.11
2018-03-02  Renan DelValleIncrementing snapshot version to 0.21.0-SNAPSHOT.
2018-03-02  Renan DelValleUpdating CHANGELOG for 0.20.0 release.