Use ctor crate to setup/teardown tests
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2022-04-19  Kyle SchoonoverAVRO-3384: Define C# Coding Style Guidelines (#1534)
2022-02-01  Zoltan CsizmadiaAVRO-3340: Add codeanalysis for all C# projects (#1490)
2021-05-24  Ismaël MejíaImport avro-rs into Apache Avro
2020-05-01  Michael A. SmithAVRO-2613: Fix Linter Complaints (#871)
2019-10-28  Thiruvalluvan M GMerge pull request #550 from aniket486/remove_whitespace
2019-07-18  Michael A. SmithAVRO-2410: Framework for Linting (#569)
2019-06-21  Aniket MokashiMerge branch 'master' into remove_whitespace 550/head
2019-06-20  Niels BasjesAVRO-2404: Make all references to https
2019-02-04  Brian LachnietAVRO-1381: Generate NuGet package for main Avro library...
2016-09-17  Zoltan FarkasMerge oficial/master into trunk-AVRO-1723
2016-05-02  Niels BasjesAVRO-1828: Add EditorConfig file and cleanup of whitesp...