Use ctor crate to setup/teardown tests
[avro.git] / composer.json
2022-02-24  Ryan SkrabaAVRO-3413: Add allow-plugins to PHP build (#1558)
2021-05-24  Ismaël MejíaImport avro-rs into Apache Avro
2020-11-17  Ryan SkrabaAVRO-2979: Pin PHP dependency tools to specific versions
2020-11-01  RyanSkrabaAVRO-2949: Bump composer-monorepo-plugin (#971)
2020-05-26  Siad ArdroumliAVRO-2842: PHP Add phpcs and fix all violations against...
2020-05-17  Siad ArdroumliAVRO-2752: PHP: Setup as Composer package on Packagist...