Support for big certificates
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2009-04-29  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... updating new features
2009-04-28  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... Document modification for 1.3.0 release
2009-04-20  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... Document modification for 1.3 release
2008-04-15  Malinda Kaushalye... Documentation update
2008-04-08  Malinda Kaushalye... Documentation release changes
2008-04-05  Milinda PathirageRemove window specific line terminators from NEWS file.
2008-04-04  Malinda Kaushalye... Updating the team list and news
2008-04-03  Malinda Kaushalye... Updating the project for the 1.2.0 release.
2007-12-12  Malinda Kaushalye... New EncryptedHeader node to the token base
2007-12-06  Malinda Kaushalye... Changing configuration files for the version number
2007-12-04  Malinda Kaushalye... Updating README and NEWS files for the 1.1 release
2007-10-04  Malinda Kaushalye... Introducing Signature Confirmation element
2007-09-25  Malinda Kaushalye... Sync with the tag 1.0.0
2007-09-20  Malinda Kaushalye... Updating INSTALL and NEWS files
2007-09-19  Malinda Kaushalye... Updating READMEs INSTALLs
2007-03-27  Malinda Kaushalye... Modifying NEWS
2006-08-28  Malinda Kaushalye... Committing changes made in Username token and Timestamp...
2006-06-15  Damitha N.M. KumarageApplying patches supplied by Kaushalye
2006-06-14  Damitha N.M. KumarageCommitting patches supplied by Kaushalye.
2006-06-13  Damitha N.M. KumarageCommiting the code attached in AXIS2C-168. Thanks Kaushalye
2006-05-25  Damitha N.M. KumarageAdded new folder structure for Rampart, The Axis2 secur...