Support for big certificates
[axis-axis2-c-rampart.git] /
2010-02-26  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... correcting spelling mistake
2010-02-25  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... reverting libtool upgrade
2010-02-23  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... upgrade autotools. Check AXIS2C-1436 for more details
2009-04-06  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... changing the version number
2009-03-16  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... splitting and; Changing versi...
2008-07-08  Sanjaya RatnaweeraChanged axis2/c include directory to axis2-1.5.0
2008-06-25  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... modification to rahas - linux compilation
2008-06-25  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFixing jira issue 1163
2008-06-02  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFixed build break in saml
2008-04-30  Malinda Kaushalye... Changes due to the version change in Axis2/C
2008-04-15  Malinda Kaushalye... Documentation update
2008-04-08  Malinda Kaushalye... Documentation release changes
2008-02-13  Malinda Kaushalye... 1. Fixing build failure in sec_conv and trust
2008-02-08  Selvaratnam Uthaiy... secure conversation implementation - solving compilatio...
2007-12-06  Malinda Kaushalye... Changing configuration files for the version number
2007-11-15  Milinda PathirageAdding trust to build system.
2007-11-07  Milinda PathirageAdded SAML linux build scripts and some chnages to...
2007-09-05  Malinda Kaushalye... Fixing error messages.
2007-08-13  Malinda Kaushalye... 1. Memory leak fix in
2007-08-09  Malinda Kaushalye... Memory leak fixes
2007-08-08  Malinda Kaushalye... Updates from tests
2007-07-06  Malinda Kaushalye... Fixed libtool config
2007-06-12  Malinda Kaushalye... Adding ABOUT_SAMPLES file for Rampart samples
2007-06-05  Bamunavita Gamage... Changes to work on Mac OS X
2007-06-04  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFixed build break
2007-06-01  Damitha N.M. Kumaragefixed a small bug in build file
2007-06-01  Bamunavita Gamage... Solaris port
2007-05-28  Thelge PeirisMerging rampart with neethi supported rampart in scratch.
2007-04-30  Malinda Kaushalye... Changes for 0.90 release
2007-04-24  Malinda Kaushalye... Fixing memory leaks.
2007-04-06  Malinda Kaushalye... Adding rampart replay detector interface
2007-04-03  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFixed build break
2007-03-26  Sanjaya RatnaweeraChanged the build system for new repository
2007-03-02  Malinda Kaushalye... Adding test case for signature.
2007-02-05  Malinda Kaushalye... Added c14n tests.
2007-01-22  Malinda Kaushalye... Changing to support c14n
2007-01-22  Malinda Kaushalye... Adding security policy to rampart-C.
2006-12-11  Sanjaya RatnaweeraChanged the version to 0.96
2006-11-28  Malinda Kaushalye... Moving tokens in OMXMLSec to a seperate folder
2006-11-27  Malinda Kaushalye... removing test for pkcs12
2006-11-27  Malinda Kaushalye... 1. Introducing key manager
2006-11-22  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFixing jira issue 157
2006-11-09  Malinda Kaushalye... Introducing new encryption and xml_encryption files...
2006-11-08  Malinda Kaushalye... Changes made for openssl cipher context
2006-10-21  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFix to jira issue 369.
2006-10-18  Don Samisa AbeysingheUpdated version number from 0.94 to 0.95
2006-09-28  Sanjaya RatnaweeraAdded codegen to main build.
2006-09-28  Don Samisa AbeysingheUpdated the version number to 0.94
2006-09-28  Sanjaya RatnaweeraFix to jira 250
2006-08-31  Don Samisa AbeysingheUpdated the version number to correct one
2006-08-30  Malinda Kaushalye... Adding new sample to test encryption. Then the old...
2006-08-29  Sanjaya RatnaweeraChanges to get 'make dist' working properly.
2006-08-29  Malinda Kaushalye... Committing changes made. Added log information for...
2006-08-28  Malinda Kaushalye... Committing changes made in Username token and Timestamp...
2006-06-19  Sanjaya Ratnaweerafixing jira issue 164
2006-06-16  Sanjaya Ratnaweeramore fixes
2006-06-16  Sanjaya Ratnaweerafixed a minor bug
2006-06-16  Damitha N.M. KumarageApplying patch submitted by Kaushalye. [AXIS2C-168]
2006-06-15  Sanjaya Ratnaweeracorrected minor build problems
2006-06-13  Damitha N.M. KumarageCommiting the code attached in AXIS2C-168. Thanks Kaushalye
2006-05-25  Damitha N.M. KumarageAdded new folder structure for Rampart, The Axis2 secur...