Update actions/setup-java to v2
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2012-04-26  Sagara GunathungaAdded ESAPI license with correct name.
2012-04-26  Sagara GunathungaRemove license with incorrect name.
2012-04-26  Sagara GunathungaAdded OWASP ESAPI as a dependency to the bin distribution.
2011-12-21  Andreas VeithenInclude an SLF4J binding in the distribution so that...
2011-06-06  Sagara GunathungaAdded missing license files and updated release docs.
2009-08-27  Nandana Mihindukul... RAMPART-243 Applying the patch. Thanks Thilina.
2008-05-18  Nandana Mihindukul... RAMPART-167 Removed bouncy castle license as we don...
2008-04-07  Nandana Mihindukul... bouncy castle license
2008-04-07  Nandana Mihindukul... Added the license files for the jars we ship