Update actions/setup-java to v2
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2018-03-06  Andreas VeithenImplement new release policy regarding checksum files.
2017-02-06  Andreas VeithenMerge changes from trunk. RAMPART-390
2017-01-30  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-30  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-339: Add sample 09 with different security...
2017-01-30  Andreas VeithenAdd sample request/response for RAMPART-339.
2016-01-19  Andreas VeithenAdd empty release note for 1.8.0.
2016-01-18  Andreas VeithenFinalize Rampart 1.7.0 release notes.
2015-12-28  Andreas VeithenPrepare Rampart 1.6.4 release note.
2015-12-23  Andreas VeithenFix broken logo.
2015-12-22  Andreas VeithenRemove the custom site style and use maven-fluido-skin...
2015-12-20  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-405: Fix the instructions to run the samples.
2015-12-16  Andreas VeithenRemove old CGI scripts.
2015-12-10  Andreas VeithenWrite Rampart 1.6.3 release note.
2015-12-06  Andreas VeithenImplement home and download pages that don't require...
2015-12-06  Andreas VeithenFix whitespace.
2015-12-06  Andreas VeithenMove site sources to standard location.
2008-01-14  Saminda Wishwajith... Moved documentation resources to documentation module.
2007-11-06  Ruchith Udayanga... Applied patch in RAMPART-99
2007-07-26  Dimuthu LeelarathneSAML improvements
2007-07-24  Dimuthu LeelarathneFixing issues in the site
2007-07-19  Dimuthu LeelarathneAdding the schema
2007-07-19  Dimuthu LeelarathneAdding the schema and rampart configs
2007-07-16  Dimuthu LeelarathneFixing the styles
2007-07-16  Dimuthu LeelarathneAdding the releases
2007-07-16  Dimuthu LeelarathneRemoving 0.90 - because this is invalid
2007-07-16  Dimuthu LeelarathneAdding quick start guide
2007-07-16  Dimuthu Leelarathne1) Fully tested tomcat sample
2007-07-13  Dimuthu LeelarathneFixing the index.html
2007-07-13  Dimuthu LeelarathneAdding the Rampart site. Adding the site to the build...