2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenAdapt to changes in the WSS4J API. RAMPART-252
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenRemoving the part of the patch related to SAML processi...
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenMerge r1240268 from trunk.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenMerge changes up to r1240267 from trunk.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenMerge r1052172 from trunk.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenMerge changes up to r1052171 from trunk.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-252: Commit patch provided by Prabath Siriwardena.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenCreate development branch for RAMPART-252.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-331: Remove unreachable code. Patch provided...
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenReduce code duplication.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenFix getMsgCtx12 to actually return a SOAP 1.2 message.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenCode simplification.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenAdd extra null check.
2017-01-29  Andreas VeithenFix imports.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-417, RAMPART-433: Add Kerberos support. Based...
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenFix license headers. RAMPART-433
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenConvert KerberosServer into a JUnit rule.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMore cleanup.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenSome cleanup.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenUse xml-truth instead of xmlunit.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMove KerberosDelegationServiceValidator from src/main...
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenNo need to copy classes into the repo; they are loaded...
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenUse the existing ClientHelper in KerberosDelegationService.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenUse ClientHelper in RampartKerberosTest.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenUse the new ClientHelper class.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMove JettyServer to Axis2's testutils.
2017-01-28  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-15  Andreas VeithenCopy axis2.xml to the repository instead of configuring...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenUse commons-logging.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenMake the location of axis2.xml configurable.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenManage the ConfigurationContext explicitly in JettyServer.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenGenerate server certificates dynamically at runtime...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenDisallow usage of static ports.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenLet Jetty choose a port instead of using PortAllocator.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenIntroduce getEndpoint methods similar to Axis2Server.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenSupport either HTTP or HTTPS in JettyServer, but not...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenSome code cleanup.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenLet JettyServer configure the system properties for...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenMerge latest changes from trunk.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenTransform JettyServer into a JUnit rule.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenUpdate WSS4J.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenUpdate JUnit to the latest version.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenUse Commons Logging as we do elsewhere.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenRemove duplicate assertion builder.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenFix formatting.
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenApply patch provided by Boris Dushanov for RAMPART...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenCreate a development branch to work on the patches...
2017-01-14  Andreas VeithenSet svn:auto-props.
2017-01-10  Andreas VeithenUse for loops instead of iterators.
2017-01-10  Andreas VeithenUse generics.
2017-01-10  Andreas VeithenUse for loops instead of iterators.
2017-01-10  Andreas VeithenReplace tabs with spaces.
2017-01-09  Andreas VeithenRemove deprecated methods.
2017-01-09  Andreas VeithenMake correct use of generics.
2017-01-08  Andreas VeithenAdd missing message bundle entry.
2016-04-21  Andreas VeithenAXIS2-5761: Switch to the HttpClient 4.x based transpor...
2016-01-31  Andreas VeithenUpgrade Jacoco.
2016-01-24  Andreas VeithenReplace non-ASCII character in Javadoc.
2016-01-24  Andreas VeithenReplace non-ASCII characters in Javadoc.
2016-01-24  Andreas VeithenUpgrade to Java 6.
2016-01-24  Andreas VeithenInherit compiler settings from the parent POM.
2016-01-22  Andreas VeithenRemove references to Axiom implementation classes.
2016-01-20  Andreas VeithenUpdate Axiom version.
2016-01-19  Andreas VeithenRealign Axiom version with Axis2.
2016-01-19  Andreas VeithenAdd empty release note for 1.8.0.
2016-01-19  Andreas Veithen[maven-release-plugin] rollback changes from release...
2016-01-19  Andreas Veithen[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 1_7
2016-01-19  Andreas VeithenUpdate Axis2 version.
2016-01-18  Andreas Veithen[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-01-18  Andreas Veithen[maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.7.0
2016-01-18  Andreas VeithenSwitch dependencies to release versions.
2016-01-18  Andreas VeithenFinalize Rampart 1.7.0 release notes.
2016-01-17  Andreas VeithenUpdate Axiom version.
2015-12-28  Andreas VeithenPrepare Rampart 1.6.4 release note.
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-379: Fix policy sample 07 using the solution...
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-378: Dynamically replace port number in policie...
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-381: Fix policy sample 05. Based on a patch...
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenAvoid double deployment of MAR files.
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenConfigure log4j.
2015-12-26  Andreas VeithenConnect to the STS on the right port.
2015-12-25  Andreas VeithenInstrument the samples using JaCoCo.
2015-12-24  Andreas VeithenAdd code to automatically execute the samples as integr...
2015-12-23  Andreas VeithenFix broken logo.
2015-12-23  Andreas VeithenAutomatically skip site:site/site:stage and bind site...
2015-12-22  Andreas VeithenRemove the custom site style and use maven-fluido-skin...
2015-12-22  Andreas VeithenConfigure animal-sniffer-maven-plugin.
2015-12-21  Andreas VeithenRemove the classifier from the apidocs ZIP.
2015-12-20  Andreas VeithenRAMPART-405: Fix the instructions to run the samples.
2015-12-20  Andreas VeithenNo need to use an ancient axis2-mar-maven-plugin version.
2015-12-20  Andreas VeithenAdd missing SHA1 checksums.
2015-12-17  Andreas VeithenThe apache-release profile is activated explicitly...
2015-12-16  Andreas VeithenRemove old CGI scripts.
2015-12-12  Andreas VeithenRemove duplicate build.xml.
2015-12-12  Andreas VeithenRemove incorrect SCM metadata.