[BAHIR-233] Add SNS message support for SQS streaming source (#97)
[bahir.git] / dev /
2019-06-08  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Add support for release from branch
2019-01-28  Lukasz Antoniak[BAHIR-107] Upgrade to Scala 2.12 and Spark 2.4.0
2018-11-30  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Update release script usage documentation
2018-04-25  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-162] Stop publishing MD5 hash with releases
2017-12-10  Christian KadnerEnforce License Header in Java Sources
2017-08-17  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Clean any sha signature files during release...
2017-08-17  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Skip Scala 2.10 when publishing release artifacts
2017-08-17  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Update signature algorithm in release script
2017-06-08  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-88] Add release:prepare statement back to script
2017-06-08  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-88] Additional fixes to produce proper rc distri...
2017-06-08  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-88] Produce distributions without release temp...
2017-04-13  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Update supported signatures
2017-01-20  Christian Kadner[MINOR] Prompt for PGP passphrase when not exported
2016-10-15  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-69] Clean build between different scala version
2016-09-28  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-61] Enable publishing release artifacts from...
2016-07-12  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-20] Create release helper scripts
2016-07-12  Christian Kadner[BAHIR-23] Build should fail on Checkstyle violations
2016-06-26  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-21] Change scala version script
2016-06-08  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-2] Initial maven build for Bahir spark extensions