Bigtop 0.7.0 release: updating documentation
[bigtop.git] / CHANGES.txt
2013-10-18  Roman ShaposhnikBigtop 0.7.0 release: updating documentation
2013-06-11  Roman ShaposhnikOpening up Bigtop 0.7.0 development
2012-12-10  Roman ShaposhnikPreparing for Bigtop 0.5.0 release
2012-08-28  Konstantin I BoudnikFixing some missed entries in the CHANGES.txt
2012-08-28  Konstantin I BoudnikBIGTOP-634. Weird output when doing an init action...
2012-06-25  Roman ShaposhnikUpdating release notes for Bigtop 0.5.0 release
2012-06-25  Roman ShaposhnikPreparing for release 0.4.0
2012-06-22  Konstantin I BoudnikBIGTOP-643: Fix package statement in TestHDFSQuota
2012-03-20  Roman ShaposhnikPreparing for Bigtop 0.3.0 release
2011-11-01  Roman ShaposhnikBumping versions in trunk to 0.3.0-incubating
2011-11-01  Roman ShaposhnikPreparing for release 0.2.0-incubating
2011-09-01  Edward J. YoonAdd disclaimer to website.
2011-08-21  Andrew BayerMerging Makefile change.
2011-08-21  Andrew BayerMerging down from branch-01.
2011-08-19  Andrew BayerPreparing for 0.2.0-incubating development.
2011-08-19  Andrew BayerPreparing for release 0.1.0-incubating
2011-08-18  Andrew BayerBIGTOP-14. Add CHANGES.txt file.