BIGTOP-3775: Failed to build Phoenix on Arm64/powerpc64le (#980)
[bigtop.git] / MAINTAINERS.txt
2 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3774: Drop Docker Sandbox and Vagrant Provisione...
2022-07-24  吴治国BIGTOP-3759: Remove ELK from Bigtop 3.2.0 stack (#962)
2018-04-28  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3021: Remove HUE from Bigtop
2017-09-15  Evans YeBIGTOP-2877. Drop Kite packaging
2017-03-06  Hernan VivaniBIGTOP-2694. Added Hernan Vivani (hvivani) as elasticse...
2016-06-10  Faraaz SareshwalaBIGTOP-2479: Update qfs maintainer to kstinson
2016-05-16  Jonathan KellyBIGTOP-2414. Rename Tachyon to Alluxio
2016-05-12  Marton BalassiBIGTOP-2426. Bump Flink version to 1.0.3 109/head
2016-03-06  Faraaz SareshwalaBIGTOP-2285. Add qfs rpm and debian packaging code
2016-02-25  chinmaykolhatkarBIGTOP-2314 Added deb and rpm package of Apache Apex...
2016-02-15  yeongeonBIGTOP-2179: Add packaging scripts for Apache Tajo
2015-09-03  RJ NowlingBIGTOP-2000. Add BigTop Data Generators to maintainers...
2015-08-19  Minho KimBIGTOP-1126. Add Hama to Bigtop
2015-08-03  Konstantin BoudnikBIGTOP-1954. Change the component name in the MAINTAINE...
2015-07-30  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-1149: Package Kite 22/head
2015-07-30  YoungWoo KimBIGTOP-1925. Add ywkim as a maintainer for YCSB
2015-04-28  Konstantin BoudnikBIGTOP-1854. Trim Tachyon maintainers' list
2015-03-10  YoungWoo KimBIGTOP-1742: Add ywkim as a maintainer for Apache Hive...
2015-03-07  Huamin ChenBIGTOP-1723: Add Huamin Chen as Tachyon maintainer.
2015-01-28  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-1631. Adding oflebbe to tez Maintainers
2015-01-28  Konstantin BoudnikBIGTOP-1630. Update maintainer for gridgain-hadoop...
2015-01-27  Bruno MahéBIGTOP-1626. Add bmahe as a maintainer for Apache Flume
2015-01-26  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-1604. Create MAINTAINERS.txt file.
2015-01-19  jayunit100BIGTOP-1604. Create MAINTAINERS.txt file.