BIGTOP-3330: avoid duplicate jars between oozie and oozie-client
[bigtop.git] / test /
2019-01-08  Evans YeMerge pull request #438 from oflebbe/apachemaster
2019-01-07  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3128: Switch to new gitbox repository 438/head
2013-06-07  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-1000. Remove remaining references to the Incubator
2013-05-11  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-850. Remove non-ASF repositories and infrastruct...
2011-08-31  Andrew BayerFixes BIGTOP-51. Reorganizes source repository.
2011-08-30  Andrew BayerFixes BIGTOP-4. Tweaks POMs to use Apache POM as parent...
2011-08-30  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-40. Missing commit
2011-08-29  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-40. iTest package names/groupIds need to be...
2011-08-29  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-52. Fold integration/sqoop tests into smokes
2011-08-21  Andrew BayerMerging down from branch-01.
2011-08-21  Andrew BayerREADME reformat, copyright headers added
2011-08-18  Roman ShaposhnikBIGTOP-18: is not ASL-compatbile
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerBIGTOP-2 Adding/updating license headers for ASF.
2011-07-19  Andrew BayerBIGTOP-1 - initial code import.