2018-09-23  Jun HeBigtop 1.3.0 release release-1.3.0-RC1
2018-09-23  Jun HeUpdate bigtop site to 1.3.0
2018-09-23  Jun HeUpdate repo URLs to 1.3.0
2018-09-20  Jun HeBIGTOP-3083: HBase and iginite-hadoop build failed...
2018-09-19  Jun HeAdd missing scala patch for flume
2018-09-19  Jun HeBIGTOP-3082: Fix build failure with flume-1.8+kafka...
2018-09-19  Jun HeBIGTOP-3081: Update HBase/Ignite-hadoop arch info
2018-09-18  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3075: Drop pig packaging
2018-09-17  Jun HeBIGTOP-3074: Drop oozie packaging
2018-09-14  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3062: Bump flink to 1.4.2
2018-09-11  Jun HeBIGTOP-3076: QFS build failed on ppc64le
2018-09-10  Jun HeBIGTOP-3078: ignite-shmem failed to build on ppc64le
2018-09-06  Jun HeBIGTOP-2101: ignite-hadoop contains an arch-dependent...
2018-09-06  Jun HeBIGTOP-3077: OpenSuse-42.3 packages install error
2018-09-04  Jun HeBIGTOP-3067: Bump Hive to 2.3.3
2018-09-04  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3068: Bump Hama to 0.7.1
2018-09-04  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3055: Bump GPDB to 5.10.0
2018-08-28  Jun HeBIGTOP-3069: Bump crunch to 0.15.0
2018-08-27  Jun HeBIGTOP-3065: Bump Hadoop to 2.8.4
2018-08-27  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3064: Bump HBase to 1.3.2
2018-08-27  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-3066: Bump tez to 0.9.1
2018-08-26  Evans YeBIGTOP-3039. Change git browse link to Github
2018-08-20  Jun HeBIGTOP-3059: Bump Ambari to 2.6.1
2018-08-20  Jun HeChanging version to 1.3.0
2018-08-09  Jun HeBIGTOP-3061: Fix ClassNotFound issue for crunch build
2018-08-07  Kevin W MonroeBIGTOP-3060: juju bundle refresh (august 2018)
2018-08-02  Kevin W MonroeBIGTOP-3047: juju: nagios support for zookeeper
2018-08-02  Jun HeBIGTOP-3054: Missing Spark archive caused Zeppelin...
2018-07-20  Jun HeBIGTOP-3053: Tez failed to build due to bower version...
2018-07-08  Evans YeBIGTOP-3052. Maven version is fixed in security verific...
2018-07-02  Evans YeBIGTOP-3048: Revert "BIGTOP-3001. Change uid and gid...
2018-06-28  Artem EluferevBIGTOP-3031: correct script to find lasted mvn version
2018-06-13  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3045: Remove insecure maven repository URL from...
2018-06-13  Jun HeBIGTOP-3035: Provisioner failed because init is missed...
2018-06-12  Jun HeBIGTOP-3042: HDFS TestHDFSQuota doesn't match Hadoop...
2018-06-11  Jun HeBIGTOP-3040: Solr's default configsets doesn't work...
2018-06-11  Jun HeBIGTOP-2818: Ambari downloads jdk
2018-06-09  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3044: Fix docker build command for simple sh
2018-06-08  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3043: Hide workaround for docker defect on aarch...
2018-06-06  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3037: Download maven securely
2018-06-06  Jun HeBIGTOP-3041: Failed to init hadoop hdfs using init...
2018-06-06  Jun HeBIGTOP-3027: Wrong Leveldbjni native binary for aarch64
2018-06-05  Sahil AggarwalBIGTOP-3038: Add rollingupgrade option in hadoop-hdfs...
2018-05-31  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3036: Download gradle and groovy via TLS and... BIGTOP-3036
2018-05-25  Jun HeBIGTOP-3033: Spark build on OpenSUSE is failed
2018-05-17  Jun HeBIGTOP-3030: Remove phantomjs dependecy in build
2018-05-15  Jun HeBIGTOP-3031: Auto find latest maven dist
2018-05-08  Jun HeBIGTOP-3024: Zeppelin build is failed after Spark is...
2018-05-01  José PekkarinenBIGTOP-3011: zookeeper autopurge options
2018-04-29  Jun HeBIGTOP-3023: Bump qfs to 2.0.0
2018-04-28  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3021: Remove HUE from Bigtop
2018-04-26  Jun HeBIGTOP-2991: Bump up Spark version to 2.2.1
2018-04-19  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-3022 Auto find of latest Ant
2018-03-30  zhtisiBIGTOP-3018:detect-javahome script has a typo in variab...
2018-03-30  Yuqi GuBIGTOP-2723:Fix asciidoctor-maven-plugin for HBase...
2018-03-25  Kevin W MonroeBIGTOP-3014: juju: use charm-env for shebangs
2018-03-12  Kevin W MonroeBIGTOP-3013: kafka charm: remove bigtop_version override
2018-03-07  Kevin W MonroeBIGTOP-3010: juju bundle refresh (feb 2018)
2018-03-06  José PekkarinenBIGTOP-3005: zookeeper charm: support relation changes
2018-03-05  jamesbeedyBIGTOP-3007: hive pkg and charm opts for zookeeper
2018-03-05  Jun HeBIGTOP-3003: Ant-1.9.9 tarball is removed from Apache...
2018-02-28  Jun HeBIGTOP-3004: Fix HBase build failure on Debian/Fedora
2018-02-28  Akira AjisakaBIGTOP-3001. Change uid and gid for jenkins user in...
2018-02-27  Jun HeBIGTOP-3006: Add Jun He to team list
2018-02-24  Gregory Van... BIGTOP-3002: For Kafka, it should be possible to set...
2018-02-10  Jun HeBIGTOP-2922: Drop arch specific bigtop-* images
2018-02-10  Hari Krishna... BIGTOP-2992: Building Pig with pre-arranged Forrest
2018-02-06  Hari Krishna... BIGTOP-2989: Support a local dir with tomcat, when...
2018-02-06  Jun HeBIGTOP-2988: Incorrect use "dnf update" in
2018-02-05  Jun HeBIGTOP-2912: Initialize dataset for solr smoke test
2018-02-04  Evans YeBIGTOP-2984. Rat check failed after BIGTOP-2698
2018-02-04  Evans YeBIGTOP-2949. Add gradle task which leverage bigtop...
2018-02-03  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2990: Upgrade Phoenix version to 4.13.1-HBase-1.3
2018-02-03  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-2894 Bump hbase to 1.3.1
2018-01-31  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2974: Add puppet code to deploy SparkR package
2018-01-10  Jun HeBIGTOP-2980: Hama does not build on DEB type systems
2018-01-04  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2981: Packaging SparkR is broken due to BIGTOP... 335/head
2018-01-01  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-2979: JAVA_HOME inconsistent on non-x86 architec... BIGTOP-2979 412/head
2017-12-30  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2978: Fix bigtop_toolchain for fedora: no epel...
2017-12-29  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-2976: zookeeper-rest missing dependency on lsb...
2017-12-27  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2973: Hama packaging is broken with Hadoop 2.8+ 332/head
2017-12-27  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2959: Add SPARK_DIST_CLASSPATH to include librar...
2017-12-27  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2970: Bump Zeppelin version to 0.7.3
2017-12-27  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2969: Bump up Spark version to 2.2.0
2017-12-26  sahil aggarwalBIGTOP-2698: Build/install protobuf from source for...
2017-12-26  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2809: Support R integration for Spark
2017-12-26  YoungWoo KimBIGTOP-2968: Bump Hive version to 2.3.2
2017-12-26  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2811: Add R to toolchain for Spark and Zeppelin
2017-12-25  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-2898 Remove h2 pig classifier in Phoenix
2017-12-25  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-2899 remove h2 pig classifier in Oozie code
2017-12-23  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-2895 Bump Pig to 0.17.0 with Hadoop-2.8
2017-12-19  Anton ChevychalovBIGTOP-2893 Bump Hadoop to 2.8.1
2017-12-15  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2957: Upgrade YCSB to 0.12.0 316/head
2017-12-15  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2810: Support R integration for Zeppelin
2017-12-12  Youngwoo KimBIGTOP-2958: Tez should use appropriate profile for... 317/head
2017-12-12  Jun HeBIGTOP-2906: Failed to start solr-server service using...
2017-12-11  Jun HeBIGTOP-2917: Ignite smoke test failed with JDK8
2017-12-04  Marcin JuszkiewiczBIGTOP-2951: disable dh_strip_nondeterminism to get...
2017-12-04  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-2952: Hue is not buildable with OpenSSL 1.1
2017-12-03  Marcin JuszkiewiczBIGTOP-2946: make hue buildable on Debian 9 'stretch'