descriptionApache Bigtop
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 13 Jan 2019 18:25:19 +0000 (02:25 +0800)
2 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3133. [Puppet] Add a module to deploy bigtop... master
4 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3131. Apex smoke test requires mvn to compile...
5 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3129. Failed to run QFS smoke test (#439)
7 days ago  Jun HeBIGTOP-3125: [provisioner] sbin/init is missed in puppe...
7 days ago  Evans YeMerge pull request #438 from oflebbe/apachemaster
8 days ago  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3128: Switch to new gitbox repository 438/head
8 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3124. Remove package installation in provisioner...
8 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3126. [Puppet] Failed to deploy QFS due to Permi...
12 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3118. [Puppet] Failed to deploy GPDB
13 days ago  Evans YeBIGTOP-3115. [Puppet] Alluxio master/worker can not...
2018-12-28  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3120: Annoying warning message from Ambari snippet
2018-12-26  Olaf FlebbeBIGTOP-3098: Update maven plugins for project pom
2018-12-26  Evans YeBIGTOP-3117. [Puppet] Can't run spark commands for...
2018-12-24  Evans YeBIGTOP-3114. [Test] HBase Importtsv smoke tests are...
2018-12-21  Evans YeBIGTOP-3110. [Puppet] Hive metastore can not startup...
2018-12-21  Evans YeBIGTOP-3113. Update previous releases links to the...
8 weeks ago rel/1.3.0 v1.3.0 release
3 months ago release-1.3.0-RC2
3 months ago release-1.3.0-RC1 Bigtop 1.3.0 release
14 months ago release-1.2.1 Bigtop 1.2.1 release
14 months ago release-1.2.1-RC2 Bigtop 1.2.1 release candidate 2
15 months ago release-1.2.1-RC1 Bigtop 1.2.1 release candidate 1
15 months ago release-1.2.1-RC0 Bigtop 1.2.1 release candidate 0
21 months ago rel/1.2.0 Bigtop 1.2.0 release
21 months ago rel/1.2.0-RC1
21 months ago rel/release-1.2.0-RC1
2 years ago rel/1.1.0 Copying release-1.1.0 candidate...
2 years ago release-1.1.0
3 years ago release-1.0.0 Apache Bigtop Release 1.0.0
4 years ago release-0.8.0 Bigtop 0.8.0 release.
5 years ago release-0.7.0-RC1
5 years ago release-0.7.0
2 days ago master
7 weeks ago branch-1.3
7 months ago BIGTOP-3036
12 months ago BIGTOP-2982
12 months ago BIGTOP-2980
12 months ago BIGTOP-2979
12 months ago BIGTOP-2978
12 months ago bigtop-alpha
12 months ago BIGTOP-2698
14 months ago branch-1.2
20 months ago puppet4
22 months ago BIGTOP-1406
22 months ago BIGTOP-2666
23 months ago BIGTOP-2679
2 years ago BIGTOP-2253
2 years ago BIGTOP-2320