2020-09-23  Gary MartinUpdates to setup advice
2019-02-19  Gary MartinRefactor api
2019-02-19  Gary MartinRemove python version dependency
2018-12-18  Gary MartinUpdate to README for some more useful information
2018-12-18  Gary MartinRemove strict Python requirement; update README
2018-10-14  Gary MartinAttempt to add links to api output for ticket list
2018-10-14  Gary MartinAdd swagger for api viewing and more api endpoints
2018-10-14  Gary MartinAdds a basic ticket view and update api
2018-10-14  Gary MartinComplete adding django rest framework example code
2018-10-14  Gary MartinAdd djangorestframework and register admin pages
2018-06-06  Gary MartinExtract common model enforcing id & created fields
2018-06-05  Gary MartinImproving accuracy; adjusting Pipfile
2018-06-04  Gary Martinadd branch for new bh_core experiment