descriptionApache Bookkeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 14 Nov 2018 23:12:57 +0000 (15:12 -0800)
36 hours ago  Matteo MerliAdded BlockingQueue implementation based on JCtools master
2 days ago  Matteo MerliAdded module to enable CPU affinity
3 days ago  Sijie Guo[STATS] introduce `StatsDoc` annotation for better...
3 days ago  Sijie GuoBP-36: Stats documentation annotation
3 days ago  Ivan KellyMove version out of LedgerMetadata
3 days ago  Sijie Guo[tools] package bookkeeper tools into a separated distr...
3 days ago  Sijie GuoISSUE #1799: bkctl is broken with default build options
4 days ago  Charan Reddy... Fix bugs in DefaultEnsemblePlacementPolicy
4 days ago  Charan Reddy... Fix indentation in BP-34 doc
4 days ago  Matteo MerliFixed Auth with v2 protocol
6 days ago  Sijie Guo[BUILD] Ignore `versionsBackup` file generated by ...
6 days ago  Sijie Guo[TOOLS] improve bkctl help message
7 days ago  Sijie Guo[TOOLS] add cookie related commands
7 days ago  Nicolas MichaelIssue #1791: Read Submission should bypass OSE Threads
7 days ago  Charan Reddy... Cache InetSocketAddress if hostname is IPAddress
9 days ago  Matteo MerliUpgrade to Netty 4.1.31 and use individual dependencies
24 hours ago v4.8.1-rc1 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
8 days ago v4.8.1-rc0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
8 weeks ago release-4.8.0
2 months ago release-4.7.2
4 months ago release-4.7.1
6 months ago release-4.7.0
7 months ago release-4.6.2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
9 months ago release-4.6.1
10 months ago release-4.6.0
11 months ago release-4.5.1
15 months ago release-4.5.0
2 years ago release-4.4.0 BookKeeper Release 4.4.0
2 years ago release-4.3.2 BookKeeper Release 4.3.2
3 years ago release-4.3.1 BookKeeper Release 4.3.1
3 years ago release-4.2.4 BookKeeper Release 4.2.4
4 years ago release-4.3.0 release-4.3.0
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4 days ago branch-4.7
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