2019-07-12  Rajan Dhabalia[BK-SERVER] Clean up over-replicated ledgers owned...
2019-07-12  Matteo MinardiImplement a method to get all the Bookies
2019-06-25  Charan Reddy... Implementation of ZoneawareEnsemblePlacementPolicy
2019-06-21  Hugo AbreuAdded zookeeper host configuration. Closes #1960
2019-06-21  Sijie GuoIssue #1970: Ensure getStickyReadBookieIndex returns...
2019-06-20  Ivan Kelly[DLOG] Delete empty inprogress segment on recovery
2019-06-13  Matteo MerliUse https for Twitter maven repo
2019-06-10  Charan Reddy... Testcase for limitStatsLogging.
2019-06-07  Charan Reddy... Bring back statslogger to BookKeeper client in Replicat...
2019-06-07  karanmehta93Display filesystem and docker info for all jenkins...
2019-06-06  Sijie GuoUpdate distributedlog library to use NoSuchLedgerExists...
2019-06-06  zhaohaidaoISSUE #1927: fix NoNodeException in LocalBookeeper
2019-06-01  Ankit JainEntries must be acknowledged by bookies in multiple...
2019-05-31  karanmehta93Update lastLogMark to EOF when replaying journal
2019-05-20  Charan Reddy... Fix flaky testIOVertexHTTPServerEndpointForARWithPromet...
2019-05-20  Yong ZhangFallback to use v3 protocol for some types of requests...
2019-05-20  hello zepp[SITE] modify nettyMaxFrameSizeBytes Description
2019-05-17  karanmehta93Update and flush lastLogMark when replaying journal
2019-05-17  Rajan Dhabalia[BK-CLIENT] Check empty ledger-parent node while deleti...
2019-05-16  Matteo MerliAdded release notes for release 4.9.2
2019-05-15  Rajan Dhabalia[BK-GC] avoid blocking call in gc-thread
2019-05-13  Charan Reddy... Move common placementpolicy components to TopologyAware...
2019-05-10  Charan Reddy... Move common placementpolicy components to TopologyAware...
2019-05-04  Charan Reddy... GetListOfEntriesOfLedger implementation
2019-05-03  Matteo MerliAdded HTTP handler to expose bookie state
2019-05-02  karanmehta93ISSUE #2075: Bookieshell lastmark command isn't functio...
2019-05-02  Charan Reddy... ISSUE #1967: make ledger creation and removal robust...
2019-05-02  Matteo MerliUse pure python implementation of MurmurHash
2019-05-01  Venkateswararao... Explicit error message if extent is not present on...
2019-04-30  mtang01ISSUE #2067: reduce byte[] allocation in add entry
2019-04-30  karanmehta93ISSUE #2073: ReadOnlyBookieTest#testBookieContinueWriti...
2019-04-28  Ivan KellyDLog Namespace#openLog should declare LogNotFoundException
2019-04-24  Yong ZhangMigrate command `ledgermetadata`
2019-04-19  Charan Reddy... ISSUE #1967: make ledger creation and removal robust...
2019-04-19  LikeSupport asynchronous fence request for V2 ReadEntryProc...
2019-04-19  Ivan KellyFix typo in overview page for 4.8.2
2019-04-19  Ivan Kellyk
2019-04-19  Ivan KellyWait for LAC update even if ledger fenced
2019-04-19  Yong ZhangMigrate command `updatecookie`
2019-04-17  Yong ZhangMigrate command `triggeraudit`
2019-04-16  Yong ZhangMigrate command `autorecovery`
2019-04-15  Yong ZhangMigrate command `whoisauditor`
2019-04-11  Yong ZhangMigrate command `Whatisinstanceid`
2019-04-10  Yong ZhangMigrate command `rebuild-db-ledger-locations-index`
2019-04-10  Nicolas MichaelISSUE #2053: Bugfix for Percentile Calculation in FastC...
2019-04-10  Yong ZhangMigrate command `updateledgers`
2019-04-09  Yong ZhangMigrate command `regenerate-interleaved-storage-index...
2019-04-09  Dongfa,HuangAvoid useless verify if LedgerEntryRequest completed
2019-04-08  Enrico OlivelliRelease notes for 4.9.1
2019-04-08  Yong ZhangMigrate command `recover`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `localconsistencycheck`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `readledger`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `decommission`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `readlog`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `nukeexistingcluster`
2019-04-03  Yong ZhangMigrate command `listunderreplicated`
2019-04-02  bd2019usISSUE #2023: change cached thread pool to fixed thread...
2019-04-02  Yong ZhangMigrate command `initnewcluster`
2019-04-02  Yong ZhangMigrate command `readlogmetadata`
2019-04-02  Yong ZhangMigrate command `lostbookierecoverydelay`
2019-04-02  Yong ZhangMigrate command `deleteledger`
2019-04-01  ArvinISSUE #2020: close db properly to avoid open RocksDB...
2019-04-01  Yong ZhangMigrate command `metadataformat`
2019-04-01  Yong ZhangMigrate command `listledgers`
2019-04-01  Ivan KellyDocker autobuild hook
2019-03-29  LikeFix IDE complain as there are multi choices for error...
2019-03-29  Yong ZhangMigrate command `readjournal`
2019-03-27  Yong ZhangFix when met unexpect entry id crashed
2019-03-27  LikeFix error message for unrecognized number-of-bookies
2019-03-26  Boyang Jerry... fix potential NPE when releasing entry that is null
2019-03-26  Ivan Kelly[RELEASE] Update website to include documentation for...
2019-03-25  Yong ZhangMigrate command `listfilesondisk`
2019-03-25  Yong ZhangIssue #1987: Migrate command `convert-to-interleaved...
2019-03-25  Matteo MerliIn DbLedgerStorage use default values when config key...
2019-03-20  Ivan KellyRelease notes for v4.8.2
2019-03-19  Yong ZhangIssue #1985: Migrate command `convert-to-db-storage`
2019-03-18  Yong ZhangIssue #1982: Migrate command `bookiesanity`
2019-03-15  Yong ZhangIssue #1980: Migrate command `ledger` from shell to...
2019-03-14  Ivan KellyTool to search and replace bookie ids in ledger metadata
2019-03-12  Yong ZhangIssue #1977: Migrate command 'bookieinit'
2019-03-11  Yong ZhangMigrate command `bookieformat`
2019-03-10  Yong ZhangMigrate command `bookieinfo` to bkctl
2019-03-05  Charan Reddy... Add validateConf to AbstractDNSToSwitchMapping
2019-03-05  Ivan Kelly[DLOG] Avoid double read in readahead
2019-03-03  LikeUse the same thread to monitor ledger and index directories
2019-03-02  LikeUse automatic resource management to close streams
2019-02-28  Sijie Guo[PYTHON] Fix python client version
2019-02-27  Charan Reddy... Use conf value in RackawareEnsemblePlacementPolicyImpl...
2019-02-27  Rajan DhabaliaAdd http method test for vertx-http server
2019-02-27  yong.zhangFix unable download twitter dependencies
2019-02-25  Kieran Gorman[DOC] popover for 'striped' as well as 'striping'
2019-02-25  Rajan Dhabalia[BOOKIE-HTTP-SERVER] Fix: broken vertx rest endpoints
2019-02-25  Charan Reddy... Log error (if any) in Shell.runCommand
2019-02-25  LikeFix obsoleted proposals document link
2019-02-21  Charan Reddy... Exclude defaultrack bookies when enforceMinNumRacksPerW...
2019-02-20  Like[DOC] Fix command path in documents
2019-02-20  Samuel JustBOOKKEEPER-1919: putEntryOffset translate FileInfoDelet...
2019-02-20  Charan Reddy... Filter empty string for networkTopologyScriptFileName
2019-02-16  Rajan Dhabalia[BK-GC] Fix GC thread gets blocked
2019-02-13  Sijie Guo[DOC] Add python client release instructions to release...