descriptionApache Bookkeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 22 May 2018 08:43:46 +0000 (01:43 -0700)
82 min ago  Sijie GuoAllow bookie to start if failed to load extra server... master
2 hours ago  Sijie GuoBuild stream modules for integration tests
4 hours ago  Sijie GuoProvide a util method to run functions with metadata...
4 hours ago  Sijie GuoFix dev/check-binary-license on macOS
8 hours ago  cguttapalemIssue #570: EntryLogManagerForEntryLogPerLedger impleme...
12 hours ago  Sijie GuoProvide zookeeper startup script
12 hours ago  cguttapalemBookies should be from different racks in a Writequorum.
3 days ago  Sijie GuoAdd a docker based `BookKeeperClusterTestBase` for...
5 days ago  Sijie GuoAdd a test docker image for current version only
5 days ago  cguttapalemIssue¬†#1405: ReplicationWorker should back-off retrying.
5 days ago  JV JujjuriISSUE #1390 Ensemble change on delayed write error
5 days ago  Sijie GuoRefactor bookkeeper bash scripts and move dlog script...
6 days ago  Sijie GuoISSUE #1403: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown...
6 days ago  Ali AhmedUse isEmpty method instead of size check
7 days ago  Sijie GuoIssue #1396: Export metrics in same http server
8 days ago  Enrico OlivelliBP-14 forceLedger wire protocol server side implementation
4 weeks ago release-4.7.0
6 weeks ago release-4.6.2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 months ago release-4.6.1
4 months ago release-4.6.0
5 months ago release-4.5.1
9 months ago release-4.5.0
2 years ago release-4.4.0 BookKeeper Release 4.4.0
2 years ago release-4.3.2 BookKeeper Release 4.3.2
3 years ago release-4.3.1 BookKeeper Release 4.3.1
3 years ago release-4.2.4 BookKeeper Release 4.2.4
3 years ago release-4.3.0 release-4.3.0
3 years ago release-4.2.3 release-4.2.3
4 years ago release-4.2.2 release-4.2.2
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